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Bio-Metric SIMS Verification in Pakistan – Guidelines and Some Hurdles

Pakistan is an under developed country which is facing so many problems same time including war against terror, law & order, corruption and unemployment on top, the government of Pakistan is taking some brave initiatives to tackle with the issues accordingly however the question is that whether these steps are complying with the set standards or it just yet another formality to go with?

SIMS Verification in Pakistan

Bio Metric SIM Verifications

The current Federal Government of Pakistan makes it mandatory for all Mobile Networks to re-verify their all existing numbers in order to eliminate the use of Mobile SIMs in terrorist activities, robberies and other malpractices.

Last Date for Bio Metric SIM Verification

Government of Pakistan has set 26 February as last date for verification of all existing SIM cards, and it is mandatory for all owners of SIM cards to re-verify their SIM cards else the unverified SIMs will be cancelled.

Here are some guidelines for Bio Metric SIM Verifications:

You need to visit relevant Mobile Operators to verify your SIM cards, i.e. to verify Mobilink SIM, you need to visit Mobilink Franchise, Retailer or proprietor having authority to verify your SIM.

Bring your Original National ID Card or Photocopy, if your ID card is expired or near to expiry date, you need not to worry about as you can still verify your SIM card.

Those people who have gotten their ID cards are issued earlier 2005, they may face difficulties in matching of thumb impressions, so they need to contact nearest NADRA Service Center.

Things you need to know before Bio Metric Verification:

Your Hands should be free from dust or any other chemical as presence of dust can interrupt bio metric verification.

Old age citizen may face some difficulties in verification as their thumb impressions may have changed slightly, they can contact nearest NADRA Service Center to fix that issue.

The verification of thumb impression in NADRA Service Center is absolutely free, however you need to pay prescribed fee to get new ID Card.

You can also call to 051-111-786-100 before going to NADRA Service Center.

Bio Metric SIM Verification Charges

According to industry sources, each Telecom Operator will charge 10 rupees for your every visit to SIM verification, i.e. if you want to verify 2 SIMs of Ufone and 3 SIMs of Telenor, you have to pay 10 rupees to each operator in a single visit, however when I personally visit one of the Mobile Operator Franchise in Lahore, they charged me 10 rupees for each SIM verification and charged 20 rupees for the SIM which is not registered on my name, but I have possession of that SIM for more than a year.

Now this is a big question that one of the Telcos is not following the guidelines, still in this way, SIMs will be verified, but the original owner of SIM can arise the question and can claim the ownership of SIM as well.

So here the Mobile Operators need to review that how things are going on as some franchises, retailers and proprietors are not implementing the policy in its true spirit, this may cause some problems between current SIM holder and Original SIM Owner.

No Tag Option

If you want to give your SIM card to one of your family or friend, you can re-verify your SIM according to Bio Metric Verification method, and can ask the Mobile Operators for No Action Tag, now you can provide your SIM to a trusted person, and no one other than you can change the ownership of your SIM as well.

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