Jazz WhatsApp Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz daily, weekly and monthly WhatsApp offers

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp among people, Jazz offers multiple WhatsApp packages for its users. These offers are available for a variable time duration. Moreover, you can use the resources to visit some other popular social platforms. Here, I have discussed Jazz WhatsApp packages for 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Also check: …

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Jazz SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz daily, weekly, monthly SMS plans

Jazz is renowned for offering unmatched wireless telecom services to Pakistan. The users can avail of a variety of call plans, internet, and SMS plans. It offers high-quality and uninterrupted wireless telecom services. That’s why; the users reply to it as compared to other wireless telecom service providers. Here, I have discussed all the SMS …

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Jazz Call Plans: Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Lifetime

Jazz daily, weekly and monthly call plans

Jazz brings a wide range of call plans for its users. All of them come with a variable bucket of free minutes from Jazz to Jazz and off-net minutes. Here, I have listed all of its call plans for prepaid users. Check them below to select your desired one. Also check: Jazz WhatsApp Plans: Daily, …

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Zong 4G MiFi Comes with 200 GB Data Volume

Zong 4G MiFi

Good news for Pakistani telecom subscribers is that China based mobile operator Zong Telecom has announced its 4G MiFi device that offers convenient and seamless connectivity with huge Data Volume. Yes indeed its good news for telecom users after the New Tax Imposition on Telecom Subscribers by government of Punjab. At present, Zong is offering …

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Ufone To Limit Mega internet Offer Volume

Ufone Mega internet Offer

Ufone Telecom offers Mega Internet Offer which empowers users with 50 GB of Data with blazing 3G speed to enjoy. Mega Internet Offer is valid for same day, however the offer will be subscribed automatically if you have sufficient balance. Ufone Mega Interne Offer empowers subscriber to download 50 GB data or can surf internet, …

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Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS marketing is the most quick, efficient and affordable form of modern day marketing practice. Also it’s getting popular around the world vigorously including developing countries like Pakistan. The country comprises of 200 million people out of which half the population own a mobile phone. This stat is an absolutely jewel for various kind of business owners and companies to promote their products and services directly by making SMS marketing campaigns. This form of marketing is the most impactful also because of its reach directly on the mobile phones of countless prospective customers. The most appropriate type of text message marketing is Branded SMS marketing.

How Branded SMS Marketing is Useful?

Branded SMS marketing is the most result oriented as well as concerned marketing technique, because it allows marketer to send its desired marketing SMS campaigns by its name. In fact, branded SMS is type of text message marketing in which the service provider permit its marketer client to compose and send bulk SMS to its potential clients mobile numbers as a sender. Using this technique, the marketing company is assigned with the brand name as a sender to be shown as sender on the recipient mobile phone.

This type of SMS campaigns has enormous impact on recipients of these promotional messages, as the receiver in the first instance get to know the brand or company name first – then move towards reading the marketing message. This whole scenario marks robust impact on the mind of recipient of this marketing SMS that for at least some amount of time the person hops to recognize company or brand name. This technique afterwards help in the brands revenue through increase in sale, as most of the people will buy that product or service if it seems lucrative to them.

Therefore, the first and foremost important decision to make for any new marketer, who want to promote its business or products through SMS marketing is to choose branded SMS plan. For the obvious reason cited above that branded SMS will have lot more impact than non-branded SMS marketing send under unknown short code.

So, after making this imperative selection of SMS marketing type then come another significant aspect of crafting a smartly written at the same time logical promotional SMS. It’s important to only type the content, which is obligatory to be mention in that SMS marketing campaign and – avoid writing unnecessary words. This is another important phase in SMS marketing because ultimately the content of the campaign written in the messages are going to be influence the recipients to purchase that certain products or services advice in the marketing SMS.

Thus, following all these straight forwards parameter will formulate a successful SMS marketing campaign. As a result, the marketers will soon witness boost in its revenue after reaching out to hefty number of potential customers – who were not aware of your product or services offered before.


If you own a business or even any other type of brand or company and thinking of promoting it via SMS marketing its important to do it through branded SMS campaign rather than non-branded for better impact. Also, follow other marketing message crafting standards cited above; it will surely amplify your business by alluring customers – who will receive your marketing SMS.

In a nutshell, text message or SMS marketing is the most fruitful and affordable form of digital marketing. And if done by choosing branded SMS marketing style it is bound to make more impact and gain customers attention. So, eventually the prospective buyers will ask for your product the next time they go for shopping. For the reason that they will recognize you product instantly as prevailing one after coming across that you are promoting it via branded SMS marketing too.