Lenovo’s Superfish Spyware Scandal

Laptop and many of the tech device manufacturers, Lenovo is facing criticism over Superfish adware scandal. The deal with between Superfish (a pre-loaded adware malware) and Lenovo has put the digital life in danger as the Superfish scandal can leak many private things because it helps in hijacking of browser, collecting Bank Information and any data that you want to secure from others. Worst thing is that the Superfish (adware) comes as with brand new Laptops by Lenovo, who remained in the list of top laptop selling brand for 2014 year.

Lenovo’s Superfish Spyware Scandal

What Superfish Does?

Superfish that comes with new Lenovo Laptops has ability to alter search results for you and can show totally different things as well. This is just a start and a threat for your digital life, moreover, the Superfish spyware can cause damage to security of your PC resulting in snooping of browser traffic followed by hacking attack by a spy agent.

No Privacy

The Superfish Spyware can steal the information that you want to secure from any third party and can access communication that’s supposed to confidential for you or your organization. So your emails, banking transactions, instant messages, passwords and other confidential things are no more private as these highly confidential things are now accessible by Superfish Hack.

A famous Security Software maker for F-Secure Timo Hirvonen revealed that the hacker can track users internet traffic and can penetrate PCs which is really really a serious threat to digital users.

How Superfish Works?

A Superfish Spyware has ability to install its root certificate to empowers it with ability to play with HTTPS web services. After accessing HTTPS access, it can do online transactions with out your knowledge, and this is not the limit, the spyware can be use by criminal mind people for which you can held liable.

Mike Shaver who is engineer director at Facebook said at the MTM (Man in the Middle) certificate, he tweets about Superfish that it allows third party to invade into user’s network in order to gain full command and control, further it also leaves your System an open source for security breaches without any problem. His glimpse on the fact via tweets that those who are victims of Superfish can lose their reserves as they will be at risk on visiting their bank’s site, the Superfish will redirect you to a fictitious URL and will take control of all your communication with your bank.

Users’ Reaction

On receiving such a blunder from a manufacturer like Lenovo, people across the globe showed their anxiety and anger by abusing company. USA Government has issued warning and urged Lenovo’s Users to uninstall spyware as soon as possible, while some tech analysts suggest to get rid of Lenovo’s windows and to install the Vanilla Windows which is said to be more reliable.

Lenovo’s Approach on Scandal

The Top Laptop Selling Brand Lenovo has issued an official apology via social media site Twitter, the apology include admitting company’s role and messing up while trying to deliver.

On the other hand, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for Lenovo Mr. Peter Hortensius refused to admit role of Superfish in any security leaks or security threat, rather than he enlightened the design implementation.

Superfish Reaction

CEO for Superfish Adi Pinhas rejected any such news, rather than in a press statement, he refused that the software can’t share, store and access personal and confidential data of users. Adi Pinhas stated that his company is innocent in all this matter and that he has no clue about security risks and giving access to third party add-ons and access to HTTPS web connections.

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