Maryam Nawaz Slams Imran Khan for “Hiding Under His Bed” to Evade Arrest

In a fiery speech at the organisational convention of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz, the party’s senior vice president, criticised former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan for evading arrest and “hiding under his bed.”

Maryam compared her father and former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, with Imran Khan, stating that Nawaz Sharif did not hide when times were tough and even came to court for his own arrest, while Imran Khan is hiding under his bed.

She advised Imran to show some courage and present himself before the judiciary by courting arrest. Maryam also criticised Imran for his treatment of political workers, citing the example of Zille Shah, a PTI worker who was killed in Lahore last week.

Maryam accused Imran of doing politics on Zille Shah’s death and putting other people’s children on the line to take the police’s beating. She emphasised that the PML-N is not just competing in the upcoming election but is entering the field to win it.

Maryam’s speech was a strong rebuke of Imran Khan and a rallying cry for the PML-N ahead of the upcoming election. The speech highlighted the differences between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan and emphasised the PML-N’s commitment to winning the election. PML-N leaders including Rana Sanaullah, Parvaiz Rasheed, Talal Chaudhry, Uzma Bukhari, and Sania Ashiq also attended the event, and the PML-N supporters applauded Maryam’s speech and chanted slogans in support of the party.

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