The New Horizon Golf Tournament Powered by Huawei Idea Hub Engages The IT Industry

The New Horizon Golf Tournament Powered by Huawei IdeaHub engages the IT industry In collaboration with Huawei Pakistan, New Horizon organized a partner-focused IdeaHub Golf tournament at the Defense Authority Country & Golf Club. An invite-only event designed to converse with company’s partners and customers on IdeaHub while also incorporating a golf-based activity. All CXO executives from firms including Faysal Bank, Askari Bank,

Mr. SaifullahSajjad, from Commtel-Ae, added, “This has been a wonderful event; the meeting of partners, distributor networkers, and all of our clients, and we had an excellent conversation among ourselves.”. “For those of you who are new to the world of cryptocurrency, it’s probably difficult to comprehend why we’d want anything to do with a business like Huawei. However, our partnership with them has allowed us access to an enormous number of potential customers and opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to – and I think we can all agree that this is good news for crypto enthusiasts everywhere.”

For potential customers, an IdeaHub demo was also held. This event was able to not only promote the game but also the ICT sector. More than 60 CEOs, CIOs, presidents and directors from more than 60 companies played golf and expressed interest in the company’s top product.

Mr. Faisal Anwar, the CIO of United Bank Alfalah, said:

“I’m enthusiastic about this technology because it has helped me become more productive and safe. This product will be used in my own office to help me work more effectively.”

By demonstrating the Huawei IdeaHub, a modern, user-centric design, and a minimalist stand that gives it the appearance of a next-generation product that fits any office space, Huawei Pakistan is committed to bringing digital to everyone in Pakistan. The 4K screen has H.265 technology with 60fps and provides a clear, smooth experience.

At the celebration, Mr. Junaid Ahmed, CEO of Dubai Islamic Bank, said:

“It’s a great tool for making sure that IT resources are used wisely in the financial industry, and for delivering video conferences and executive presentations on a daily basis.”

The golf competition had a total of twelve winners who received a number of awards and cups. Participants were also given lucky draws and freebies as a result of their participation. Hilton Pharma employee Ahmed Talal Khan offered his thoughts as well.

“The product is fantastic, and the demonstration makes you want to buy it even if the price is prohibitive.”

“This has been a really successful organized by Huawei and Awan Distribution,” Mr. Noman added at the ceremony. “Huawei Idea Hub is a very useful technology that isn’t restricted to businesses; it’s for the whole corporate community as well. Everything essential is included in this one product, including virtual meetings and presentations.”

During the epidemic, golf is considered a fantastic technique to remain healthy outside in the open air. Participants also learn from one another during the time they spend together, increasing their interpersonal connections.

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