National Roaming Services Coming To Pakistan Soon

The focus individuals from the telecom sector recently revealed that national roaming services will be available soon. Users of one network (for example, Telenor) will be able to utilize cellular services from another network (such as Jazz or Ufone) through national roaming. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to use the services of another network if your own isn’t accessible.

What are national roaming services?

National roaming is the access of a home network by using a visited network. Users of one network (for example, Jazz) will be able to use cellular services from another network (for example, Ufone) in areas where Jazz isn’t accessible but Ufone is. According to Pro Pakistani sources, the plan may be nearing its conclusion, with operators already focused on the nitty-gritty of the process.The government of Pakistan has authorized the introduction of third-party operator services for 3G and 4G users in Baluchistan, where connection and network availability difficulties are severe.

Pakistan’s mobile phone users will benefit the most from the countrywide roaming service, which will be a significant developmental objective owing to a lack of cellular connectivity from certain providers in rural areas. The existence of national roaming services is irrelevant if the user does not have a dual-SIM phone, making it more difficult to manually swap the cards to solve connection difficulties.

Rs.31B to be invested for improved connectivity in Pakistan

According to Information Technology and Telecommunication Minister Syed Amin-Ul-Haq, the telecom sector market size in Pakistan has significantly improved in recent years, with IT services exports increasing dramatically. He went on to say that over the next three years, around Rs31 billion will be invested in enhancing connectivity, with the aim of making telecommunications and internet services available to more people across Pakistan

This is to ensure that Pakistani smartphone users who frequently experience connection difficulties while traveling don’t have any problems.

According to a government watchdog, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is in charge of this project, with major industry participants agreeing on the necessary terms and conditions. When national roaming becomes available, it will be a significant milestone for Pakistan’s telecommunications sector since consumers are presently compelled to change their SIMs when moving to certain locations or cities.

When the consumer has only one SIM phone and has to switch between providers, this is also a major annoyance. However, all of these problems will go away when people may keep in touch with each other throughout Pakistan regardless of what SIM their phones are equipped with.

At present, only Ufone and SCO have signed a Bilateral Roaming Service Agreement that enables roaming voice and SMS services in the AJ&K and GB to Ufone subscribers. The national roaming services trial may be conducted in Balochistan, where connectivity problems are common. This would eventually expand to other remote regions of Pakistan.


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