How to Track your Lahore Smart City Booking?

Lahore Smart City is the first smart city in Lahore offering an upscale lifestyle packed with modern features. Developed by Habib Rafique Private Limited and Future Development Holdings, this housing project is planned to upgrade the living standards of people by introducing a smart residential environment. 

In every sphere, this venture is offering world-class facilities according to international standards. The management of LSC aims to provide great ease and convenience to potential buyers at every stage from start to end. For this, they have introduced smart tracking portals. 

Lahore Smart City launched an e-tracking portal for the ease of investors where they can easily and quickly watch the current status of their new booking without going anywhere. You can track your booking status by providing an e-form number, tracking number, or form number given at the time of booking. 

Lahore Smart City E Tracking Portal

Lahore Smart City online booking tracking portal is highly secure and advanced which facilitates buyers to stay updated about the current status of their new booking. Without going anywhere, you can check your booking status in a few minutes. 

When you enter an e-form, for or tracking number, the list of all your booking steps and status will appear along with your CNIC and personal details. However, you can track your LSC booking with the following features! 

  • Fast and Easy QR Code Redirection 
  • Quickly track the current status of your new booking 

How to Track your Lahore Smart City Booking? Step by Step Guide

Tracking the current status of your new booking in Smart City Lahore is highly convenient and simple with an e-tracking portal. With a few simple steps, you can get the complete details about your booking from the comfort of your home. Here are the steps you need to follow to trace your Lahore Smart City booking online! 

  1. Open Lahore Smart City e-tracking portal
  2. Enter your e-form, form, or tracking number in the bar 
  3. Click on the “search” button 
  4. All the information related to your booking status will appear 

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