Difference Between Branded VS Non-Branded SMS: Where to Use Them

SMS marketing can do a lot for the growth of small as well as the large businesses more than any other way. A large number of people can be targeted very easily and effectively by sending updates, information and offers on a daily basis. The people will get acquainted with your business strategies and become involved directly.

With so much popularity and advancement of SMS marketing, it is not only limited to large businesses now. The small companies, brands, and organization are also using this method to make them prominent in the market. The branded and non branded SMS categories are there which work for the same purpose but with a little difference. To consider the difference between branded SMS and non branded SMS and where to use them, keep on reading!

Branded SMS

In the world of SMS marketing, branded messages are the best way to grab the attention of people towards your business or brand by giving them information. There are many well-known companies which are offering these services by providing the best packages through which you can use according to your needs. The messages are sent to a targeted audience directly by the name of the brand or company.

Non-branded SMS

It is a more easy and cost-effective way to promote your small business to make it successful and significant. You can reach a large number of people within minimum time and with fewer amounts. The non branded SMS marketing is the most beneficial for new and small businesses which will bring high impacts in escalating revenues.

Difference between Branded and Non-Branded SMS

These two are the major modes or types of SMS marketing which are used at a large level by companies. Both have the ability to send messages to numerous people within seconds. The transactional, promotional or advertising SMS can be sent. The purpose of branded and non branded marketing is the same, but there exists a little difference in the following aspects:


The most prominent and major difference between branded and non branded SMS is cost. Branded SMS are higher in price because they are sent with the name of company and brand, the most affordable rates are only offered by BizSMS while others are just resellers.

The notion of branded SMS is very reasonable and low priced compared to Branded SMS. The small businessmen can get many packages with reasonable price to tackle a large number of people and grow in minimum time. The low price does not affect the quality and speed of SMS and you will get benefits.


The company or brand that chooses branded SMS gets access to people through their own name. You can send a message to all the networks with the title of your own company instead of any number. Non-branded, on the other hand, are sent with different codes or numbers. The details or contact information of the company are usually mentioned at the end of the text.


In the context of accuracy and reliability, branded SMS is considered more effective and responsive than non branded ones. When people receive a message from the brand or company’s name instead of any strange number, they may find it fake or does not consider it. Branded messages get more attention and people find them more reliable.

Where to use them?

In the current time, where SMS has become a main tool of marketing, branded and branded both SMS type are popular and useful to communicate with maximum people in minimum time.

The companies and brands that have just started their setups can use non branded SMS because it demands less investment and assures enormous advantages. Moreover, the small businesses or organization, which are not much popular but want to interact with more people, non branded SMS are the best option for them to grow in the market with utmost communication with the audience.

Branded SMS are more useful and appropriate for the known and large business to tell people about new offers and plans. This type encourages people to respond more quickly while big brands, banks, and other famous companies use them.


Branded and non branded SMS is the most effective and beneficial marketing solutions for expanding businesses. They allow you to create simplest and powerful interactions with people. You can choose any of them according to your requirements and budget as both will bring a positive and desirable response to your company.

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