How a Website Helped Me to Contact My Family, When I Went Abroad for Studies:

My name is Adnan, I belong from Lahore, Pakistan. Here I am sharing my personal experience regarding an internet base website that helped me to get in touch with my family a few years back, when I went for higher studies outside Pakistan. After completing my graduation from Punjab University Lahore, I applied for MBA in LSE (London School of Economics), I was lucky enough to get admission in that privileged institute in the UK. I applied for a study visa after my admission and got it in a few weeks thanks to my higher bands in IELTS and my visa interview was also good.


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So, in the summer of 2013 I flew to the UK for my higher studies in the prestigious London School of Economics. As I heard a lot of things before reaching and myself experience life in the UK especially in its capital London. Initially I struggled to get used to life routine there and one thing that people told me before was absolutely spot on that it’s very costly to live in a city like London. You have to pay heavily for your accommodation even if it is shared with someone; food is also not that cheap you have to spend substantial money on these necessities of life to survive in London. Furthermore, one more thing that cost me a lot was making phone calls and sending SMS to my family back home in Pakistan. I use to spend a sizeable of my savings on making phone calls and text messages to my family and friends.


Then one day one of my colleague who was also from Pakistan told me one about a website available over the internet for anyone to access and send free SMS in Pakistan. I could not believe initially after coming to know about this sort of free web service that permit its user to send SMS to mobile number in Pakistan. That day as soon as I went home after classes and my job hours I turned on my computer and open that website about which my colleague told me and while surfing I came to know that you just need to register once with a valid mobile number working in Pakistan and that’s it. Afterwards, you can log in to this website and keep on sending free of charge, unlimited SMS to any network mobile number in Pakistan Isn’t amazing to a service like this online.

Wrapping Up:

After that day I was relieved, as far as the communication with my family and friends was concerned. As I use to send lots of free SMS directly to my desired mobile number in Pakistan and even receive replies too from the recipients of those free SMS’s. This helped me in saving sizeable money, which I then used to live a comfortable life during the course of my studies in UK. Furthermore, it aids me psychologically as well as was felt comforted every time I use to make contact with my family and friends to share things which I wanted to using this free SMS sending website.

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