Pakistanis should keep these things in Mind before doing Umrah!

As the umrah is the second most sacred pilgrimage for Muslims after Hajj that can be carried out at any time in the year – whenever the prospective pilgrim wants to. Therefore, it’s up to the will of umrah goers to select the best time in accordance to their convenience to perform this holly worship. In Pakistan’s where there are countless Hajj and Umrah tour operators and service providers operating it some time becomes difficult to find the best umrah packages from the trustworthy travel agent with actual facilities on the ground.


Yes, it’s true that even with the religious pilgrim service providers for Umrah and even for Hajj disguise few things from their customers – and some even promise false facilities to their clients at the time of booking, which then not at all provided to pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. That’s, when these pilgrims have to suffer a lot. These false promises by some fraudulent umrah travel agencies comprises of accommodation far away from the Haram Sharif in Mecca and Madina, absence of pledged room, food and traveling services.

Therefore, to safeguard yourself from these truth less umrah service providers operating in Pakistan always stress upon booking your Umrah packages for 2018 from a reliable company. This will not only to cure you from fake services while your umrah, as well as save substantial money. Because, the non-reliable travel agencies who promise fake facilities – also charges for these, which eventually makes the umrah package more costly.

So, always try and search for a better Umrah service provider in your city, for this getting suggestion from someone, who has recently performed umrah. On the other, one can always take advantage of the internet in this regard – for finding the best affordable or 3, 4, and even 5 star umrah packages. Also, various package rates depend upon days to stay in Saudi Arabia as well, apart from their offered facilities. Normally, the days stay offered with different umrah packages in Pakistan comprises of 15 days, 21 days and 25 days. But, anyhow any prospective umrah pilgrims can extend their stay by paying more for their travel on per day basis.

Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning here that airline tickets also make an impact on Umrah package price, for the reason that various local and international airlines offers various ticket tariffs depending upon their reputation and class. Thus, prospective umrah pilgrims has all the options to make their travel comfortable by selecting the best umrah package with all services included – off course then the cost will depend on their selected package too.

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