Telenor to Introduce NFC Payment Option in Pakistan

This novel news has been unearthed by telecom sources of Pakistan claiming that country’s second largest telecom operator Telenor is will introduce NFC payment solution in Pakistan really soon. If the source is to believe state that currently Telenor is testing its NFC payment solutions proficiency – before making it available for end-users.

Telenor to Introduce NFC Payment Option in Pakistan

Furthermore, this new payment service through NFC after official launch will allow Telenor subsidiary Easypaisa branch-less banking account holders an option, to make payments wirelessly via their NFC compatible Smartphone’s. At the same time, several easypaisa users who will have NFC supported Smartphone’s can enjoy shopping at various outlets – while making its electronic payments through NFC feature.

Currently, this service is in its beta phase and Telco has authorized some company employees to make use of this NFC payment service. On the other hand, this proficiency has also been set-up at some outlets situated nearby Telenor’s F-11Islamabad office – only for testing purpose. Here only company’s employees have been allowed to use this NFC payment leverage presently – as the service is in its testing phase.

What is NFC?

If you are not familiar with his features called NFC (Near Field Communication) it’s basically a feature made available through modern day Smartphone’s. This proficiency allows users to transfer data by bringing two NFC supported device together, like tapping them with one other. By doing this the data or financial transaction can be made as it will trigger data transferring through NFC feature wirelessly. It’s the most modern way of making payments in various purchasing paradigms electronically by just bringing your NFC compliant device to another supported one.

This feature works in way that when the two devices are tapped together at the time of transaction instantly a message will pop on buyer’s device wanting confirmation, if buyers permit the payment amount – right away the prescribed amount will be transferred in merchants account.

Wrapping Up

Since this is first of its kind NFC financial payment service to be rolled-out in Pakistan, we can expect that general easypaisa account holder will soon be able to use it. Although, the service is presently under testing phase hopefully after completing of all beta scrutiny will provide useful electronic payment solutions to numerous easypaisa financial service users in Pakistan.

Not to forget that Telenor’s Easypaisa mobile banking service is the most used branchless banking and money sending and receiving service used all across Pakistan. Moreover, have thousands of retail partner outlets too in remote areas of the country, from where countless people everyday makes use of easypaisa’s available financial services in the country.

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