Lenovo Pocket Projector Price, Specification and More

China Based Tech giant Lenovo has announced a pocket projector at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 and named the product as Lenovo Pocket Projector. Lenovo Pocket Projector is a handy device that fits in your hand easily. The projector weighs only 170 grams, so you can port it easily any way in your pocket. As Lenovo was blamed about superfish spyware scandal, but that scandal didn’t spoil its reputation at all.

Lenovo Pocket Projector
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Shipments and Charges:

Lenovo Pocket Projector was revealed for the first time in Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Shipments will start from coming May 2015 with price tag of $249.

Lenovo Pocket Projector Review:

Lenovo Pocket Projector is a portable light weight pocket projector, the initial looks showed the projector is divisible in two parts to get some room to connect microSD card to input some data to it, while top of Lenovo Pocket Projector bears navigation keys.

These Keys on Top of Projector help you to move your content in all four directions, pausing and playing videos as well.

Maximum Projecting Size:

Lenovo Pocket Projector powers 50 Lumens bulb to show a maximum of 110 inches of Projecting Size. If you go beyond that 110 inch projecting size, the quality of content will start to deteriorate, and you will lose the proper display.


Lenovo Pocket Projector can deliver content up to 90 degrees with ability to rotatable itself.


Lenovo Pico Projector packs with a pair of 0.5 w speaker on both sides to distribute sound equally. The presence of speakers on left and right side enables it to distribute stereo sound.


Lenovo Pocket Projector is compatible with any Smart Device running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above.


Lenovo Pocket Projector accepts media from external sources including microUSB or via DLNA and Miracast, while microUSB is also use for charging the mini Projector.


Lenovo based Pocket Projector can deliver audio, video or text based content up to maximum of two hours and thirty minutes. After that, you have to charge it for further usage.

Upgrade Sound:

Those who want to get better sound quality can upgrade via optional 3.5 mm jack, the 3.5 mm jack can help to connect with other hardware to produce better sound quality.

External Storage:

Lenovo Pocket Projector comes with the ability to support external memory of up to 32 GB.


Lenovo made Pocket Projector measures at 104 mm * 25 mm * 100 mm along with 170 grams of weight. Such stats and dimensions make it a portable and light weight Pocket Projector that is compatible with any Smartphone, Tablet that comes with a Android 4.3 or above Operating System.


Lenovo Pocket Projector as name suggests is not really fits in to pocket, however you can easily carry it in your hands. With $249 price tag and above mentioned specs, Lenovo Pocket Projector is a cool addition in Portable Tech Gadgets that are compatible with Mobile Devices and Android Operating System.

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