Mobilink Launches its WiFi Device in Pakistan

Following the footprints of Warid and Zong, Pakistan’s largest cellular network Mobilink has now also introduced its Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi devices. Keep in mind that Mobilink 3G Dongle has already launched by the operator long ago after the 3G/4G spectrum were auctioned in Pakistan back in April, 2014. Now, expanding the range of the next-gen data services availability through mobile broadband devices, Mobilink has put a step forward – to remain a market leader in 3G subscribers as well.

Mobilink Wifi Device

Mobilink Wi-Fi Device Features and Details:

With these newly launched Wi-Fi Devices, Mobilink customers can enjoy 3G internet connectivity on-the-go where 3G coverage is there. Other proficiencies of the Mobilink Wi-Fi Device lets users to create a hotspot in close radius that allows up-to 10 devices to get internet connectivity through this connection. Furthermore, it’s powered by a battery that can last easily for 6 hours upon continuous use.

As Mobilink is expanding its 3G coverage rapidly in various cities of Pakistan that has currently touched the mark of 34 across country – these Wi-Fi and recent 3G dongles will allure more users. These devices can be acquired currently form Mobilink Customer Care Centers and franchises located all over the country.

Device Prices:

Mobilink’s newly launched Wi-Fi device’s price is Rs 3,000 and USB powered Mobilink Dongle, which allows 3G connectivity for only one device at a time, can be acquired in Rs 1,500 only. Important thing to mention here is that these are one-time prices of both devices, but for services, users need to pay additionally.

Internet Tariff Details:

The 3G internet bundles offered presently by Mobilink for Wi-Fi and Dongle customers can be witnessed below. The shown charges are monthly base and data limit is caped, means limited bandwidth allowed for users to consume every month.

  • 1,500 = Data limit of 15 GBs per month
  • 2,000 = Data limit of 25 GBs per month


As Mobilink acquired 10MHZ 3G spectrum in last year’s next-gen data services auction, beating its rivals Telenor and Ufone, it’s expected that Mobilink will offer reliable 3G services to its subscribers in comparison with others. So, now making use of their massive 10MHz spectrum, Mobilink is putting forward mobile broadband services rigidly in Pakistan. This will surely make available better options for Mobilink customers to experience blazing 3G internet connectivity remotely with the leverage to share it with other users too – using Mobilink Wi-Fi aka Mi-Fi devices.

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