Columbia University Scientists Invent App to Diagnose HIV

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a killer virus that plays its role in failure of immune system and claims thousands of lives every year across the World. Scientists across the World were on their way to provide people with a cheap and affordable yet reliable and affective diagnostic approach which can provide quick analysis of patients.

Good news for humanity is that Scientists at Colombian University have claimed the invention of a device by a biomedical panel of doctors, the dongle device is plug-able into electronic devices including Smartphone Mobiles and Personal Computers.

Aids Detector

The USA Scientists invented the device that is said to be 540 times cheaper than normal HIV Diagnostic equipments, while the dongle device is capable to return the results within 15 minutes as well.

The scientists have already arranged experiments on the people of Rwanda (Africa) during Pilot Study.

Procedure of HIV Diagnose:

The Dongle Device collects the blood sample via plastic made collector, after blood sampling, the process of diagnosis starts via a push able button that connects the dongle devices with Smartphone.

After blood sampling, the device returns the result within 15 minutes after implying various factors and algorithms.

Physical Appearance:

The Dongle Devices are light enough that anyone can carry in hands easily, the dongle device gets power from Smartphone or Personal computer, so one can use it as a remote device, but make sure that your phone is enough charged to go with.

The further study is in process and Scientists are working on device to make it perfect, while the idea can save millions of humans’ lives by diagnosing within due course of time.

The Associate Professor of that biomedical engineering panel of Columbia University Mr. Samuel Sia said that, the device is a team work, our team has made the device that can arrange quality laboratory tests on their Smartphone.

Further specifications of device and what sort of Smartphone Mobile will be compatible is yet questionable and may reveal in near future.

The Professor said that, the dongle device facilitates a range of people including health care providers to consumers.

The Device is not limited to diagnose only HIV, but it is capable to mark the symptoms of Syphilis infections, the invention may help us to reduce the human death with HIV and Syphilis up to 10 times, and this will indeed be a great achievement in medical history.

During Pilot Study held in Rwanda on 96 people, though the device showed some wrong results, but still the scientists are hopeful to overcome the problems and after eliminating the factors, the device will be presented for commercial usage in open market.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK

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