Blackphone Prevents NSA from Spying

Communication is way to remain in touch with others, but everyone want to make communication secure and to maintain their privacy especially from spying agencies like NSA.



Mike Janke claimed Blackphone to be World’s first privacy oriented Smartphone. The Phone was launched in Barcelona and is a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone. The Phone doesn’t need the help of carrier or mobile operator as a communication source, so that you can avoid the spying games of American NSA and others.

Privacy Oriented:

Blackphone serves you with PrivateOS which is Android based OS and provides a safe, secure and privacy oriented atmosphere for you. So you are safe for making safe and secure phone calls, texts file transfers and no one can have access to your private data.

Added Level of Security:

The CEO of Geeksphone said that the Blackphone have same level of application access for its users, however the added security and privacy layer makes the phone first ever secure Smartphone.

Mike Janke said in his interview, “Blackphone is a journey built upon privacy, control, and security, wrapped in a high-end smartphone built by a very innovative all-star team of cryptographers, security, and mobile innovators”

Blackphone is the apotheosis of experience and class, as the phone is backed by best minds involved in PGP “Pretty Good Privacy” (a data encryption and decryption program involves in cryptographic privacy and data validation to secure communications between nodes), Geeksphone (a Spain based Smartphone manufacturer) and Silent Circle (offers encrypted communications services globally)

Phil Zimmermann said in his interview that, “I have spent my whole career working towards the launch of secure telephony products.” He added that, “Blackphone provides users with everything they need to ensure privacy and control of their communications, along with all the other high-end smartphone features they have come to expect.”

The manufacturer of Blackphone has also announced its new version Blackphone 2 which is a successor to its predecessor. Blackphone 2 runs on PrivateOS 1.1 on Top of Android Mobile Operating System. The manufacturers of Blackphone 2 are confident about the privacy and security that they has offered to pay anyone who will get inside it.

Here are the full Specifications of Blackphone 2:

Display and Screen:

Blackphone 2 has a 5.5 inch display screen that reflects Full HD display, images, videos etc. The screen has the protection of Gorilla Glass 3.

Processor and Storage:

Blackphone 2 is powered by a 64 bit Octa core Processor, while 3 GB RAM provides multi tasking abilities to its users. Blackphone 2 has microSD card slot to expand internal memory as required.


Blackphone 2 offers LTE connectivity .

User Interface:

Balckphone 2 offers unique features including Silent Suite containing Silent Phone and Silent Contacts to maintain privacy as these include encrypted conversations.

Remote Wipe:

Blackphone 2 offers you to wipe off your data from phone in case you lost your phone or in any other case.


Blackphone 2 powers a 3060 mAh non-removable battery, the battery is rechargeable in quick time.


Blackphone 2 is priced at $649.

Lenovo Pocket Projector Price, Specification and More

China Based Tech giant Lenovo has announced a pocket projector at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 and named the product as Lenovo Pocket Projector. Lenovo Pocket Projector is a handy device that fits in your hand easily. The projector weighs only 170 grams, so you can port it easily any way in your pocket. As Lenovo was blamed about superfish spyware scandal, but that scandal didn’t spoil its reputation at all.

Lenovo Pocket Projector



Shipments and Charges:

Lenovo Pocket Projector was revealed for the first time in Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Shipments will start from coming May 2015 with price tag of $249.

Lenovo Pocket Projector Review:

Lenovo Pocket Projector is a portable light weight pocket projector, the initial looks showed the projector is divisible in two parts to get some room to connect microSD card to input some data to it, while top of Lenovo Pocket Projector bears navigation keys.

These Keys on Top of Projector help you to move your content in all four directions, pausing and playing videos as well.

Maximum Projecting Size:

Lenovo Pocket Projector powers 50 Lumens bulb to show a maximum of 110 inches of Projecting Size. If you go beyond that 110 inch projecting size, the quality of content will start to deteriorate, and you will lose the proper display.


Lenovo Pocket Projector can deliver content up to 90 degrees with ability to rotatable itself.


Lenovo Pico Projector packs with a pair of 0.5 w speaker on both sides to distribute sound equally. The presence of speakers on left and right side enables it to distribute stereo sound.


Lenovo Pocket Projector is compatible with any Smart Device running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above.


Lenovo Pocket Projector accepts media from external sources including microUSB or via DLNA and Miracast, while microUSB is also use for charging the mini Projector.


Lenovo based Pocket Projector can deliver audio, video or text based content up to maximum of two hours and thirty minutes. After that, you have to charge it for further usage.

Upgrade Sound:

Those who want to get better sound quality can upgrade via optional 3.5 mm jack, the 3.5 mm jack can help to connect with other hardware to produce better sound quality.

External Storage:

Lenovo Pocket Projector comes with the ability to support external memory of up to 32 GB.


Lenovo made Pocket Projector measures at 104 mm * 25 mm * 100 mm along with 170 grams of weight. Such stats and dimensions make it a portable and light weight Pocket Projector that is compatible with any Smartphone, Tablet that comes with a Android 4.3 or above Operating System.


Lenovo Pocket Projector as name suggests is not really fits in to pocket, however you can easily carry it in your hands. With $249 price tag and above mentioned specs, Lenovo Pocket Projector is a cool addition in Portable Tech Gadgets that are compatible with Mobile Devices and Android Operating System.

Telenor to Introduce NFC Payment Option in Pakistan

This novel news has been unearthed by telecom sources of Pakistan claiming that country’s second largest telecom operator Telenor is will introduce NFC payment solution in Pakistan really soon. If the source is to believe state that currently Telenor is testing its NFC payment solutions proficiency – before making it available for end-users.

Telenor to Introduce NFC Payment Option in Pakistan

Furthermore, this new payment service through NFC after official launch will allow Telenor subsidiary Easypaisa branch-less banking account holders an option, to make payments wirelessly via their NFC compatible Smartphone’s. At the same time, several easypaisa users who will have NFC supported Smartphone’s can enjoy shopping at various outlets – while making its electronic payments through NFC feature.

Currently, this service is in its beta phase and Telco has authorized some company employees to make use of this NFC payment service. On the other hand, this proficiency has also been set-up at some outlets situated nearby Telenor’s F-11Islamabad office – only for testing purpose. Here only company’s employees have been allowed to use this NFC payment leverage presently – as the service is in its testing phase.

What is NFC?

If you are not familiar with his features called NFC (Near Field Communication) it’s basically a feature made available through modern day Smartphone’s. This proficiency allows users to transfer data by bringing two NFC supported device together, like tapping them with one other. By doing this the data or financial transaction can be made as it will trigger data transferring through NFC feature wirelessly. It’s the most modern way of making payments in various purchasing paradigms electronically by just bringing your NFC compliant device to another supported one.

This feature works in way that when the two devices are tapped together at the time of transaction instantly a message will pop on buyer’s device wanting confirmation, if buyers permit the payment amount – right away the prescribed amount will be transferred in merchants account.

Wrapping Up

Since this is first of its kind NFC financial payment service to be rolled-out in Pakistan, we can expect that general easypaisa account holder will soon be able to use it. Although, the service is presently under testing phase hopefully after completing of all beta scrutiny will provide useful electronic payment solutions to numerous easypaisa financial service users in Pakistan.

Not to forget that Telenor’s Easypaisa mobile banking service is the most used branchless banking and money sending and receiving service used all across Pakistan. Moreover, have thousands of retail partner outlets too in remote areas of the country, from where countless people everyday makes use of easypaisa’s available financial services in the country.

Property Renting Tips in these Law & Order Situations in Pakistan

Income from Property is an ideal way for many people to get return on their investment. Renting your Property in Pakistan was an easy way as people didn’t search about their potential tenant and on simple or on a weak reference rent out their house or building to unknown person. This trend is very dangerous and can cause a lot of trouble for you in certain cases.

Property Renting Tips and Law & Order Situations in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing security and law & order issues, War against Terror have already claimed lives of thousands of innocent people and our defense personals. We can’t afford to go with same attitude and trend as every person have to lighten his own lamp to eliminate the terror factor from our society.

As a landlord, your role is very important in war against terror, as properly verifying the your prosperous tenant could avoid any problem for not only, but can also avoid any big incident just like APS Peshawar Attack or any other, as Terrorists planned their devil activities by getting a property in targeted areas.

Moreover as a landlord, a renting a tenant without proper verification could cause you financial los in shape of cash, damage to home, unpaid or unclear rental income and may some other legal action for certain reasons.

Here you can avoid any such loss or damage by giving attention to details and by proper verification.

Here is basic guideline for choosing right tenant for your property(s).

Face to Face Meeting:

Face to Face meeting is very important before renting out your property of any type, try to meet twice in two different phases as it will help you to draw a conclusion about applicant. Hiring a Real Estate Agent could be a solution for you, but the Real Estate Agent should be trusted one with good reputation in region. In case you are out of city or country, you can appoint a person as a liaison who can take care of your property, a well known person in any relation could be good one. You can also fix a Phone Call if you are not available for face to face meeting.

Source of Income of Tenant:

After properly meeting tenant, you need to know about source(s) of income of your tenant, either he/she owns a business or works in any organization. It is important to about that as you can know about potential of applicant that weather he/she can pay you rental payments on time or not.

Verifications of Documents:

You must verify the documents of applicants, it may include verification of National Identity Card, verification of region of applicant, verification of employment or business etc. don’t forget to get a clearance certificate from your regional police station.

Submit Record of Tenant to Police Station:

Punjab Government has made it mandatory for every landlord to submit the record of tenants to nearest police station. This include name of applicant, copy of his/her identity card, agreement copy, details of property, conditions of agreement and any other relevant detail. The new laws bound landlords to submit the credentials of tenant(s) to Police Station else will be penalized and/or sentence to 6 months behind Bars according to laws.

Ideal Investment Opportunities in Gujranwala City

Gujranwala (the city of wrestlers) has now emerged as an important industrial city while agriculture is yet another important sector that plays an important role for not only economics of city but also for Pakistan. Rice and wheat are the two main agriculture products for which Gujranwala City is known for. The growing development in city and increasing numbers of industrial units leads to play role in better life style and employment opportunities in City.

Gujranwala City

With more than 5 million populations, Gujranwala is 7th largest Metropolitan Area of Pakistan. The industrial and agriculture based city is not getting notable developments, improvements in infrastructure, better residential style, quality educational and health facilities etc. The Real Estate Developers are taking initiatives and investing in Gujranwala Real Estate Sector by developing well plan housing and residential schemes and societies.

Growing developments in Gujranwala is good for city including construction of Overhead bridge, launching of new residential schemes by famous developers of Pakistan. People are looking for investment opportunities in Gujranwala City. To entertain the, this article points out some notable housing schemes in Gujranwala City for investment and to enjoy modern life style.

Criteria for selecting Housing Schemes:

The mentioned housing schemes have following features as common.

  • Gated Community
  • Boundary Walls
  • Approved Societies
  • Road Network
  • Prime Location
  • Available Utilities (electricity, water, gas, drainage and sewerage)
  • Security Solution
  • Close to main Points of City

Best Housing Schemes for Investment in Gujranwala:

DHA Gujranwala:

DHA Gujranwala is an official project of DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Pakistan. After successful projects in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, DHA is working on cities, DHA Gujranwala is one of them. DHA Gujranwala is in planning process, while authorities have finalized the location for DHA Gujranwala.

DHA Gujranwala Location

DHA Gujranwala is suggested in Cantonment Area controlled by Pakistan Army known as Rahwali Cantt. G.T Road passes in front of Rahwali Cantt.

At present, DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla and DHA Gujranwala 1 Kanal Files are available in open market, DHA Gujranwala is an ideal site for investment as after balloting and allotment of plots in DHA Gujranwala, the prices are likely to rise by 2 folds.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala:

Fazaia Housing Scheme is a welfare project especially for persons related to Pakistan Air Force, however Public can also be a part of lavish and modern residential housing style of Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala Location

Fazaia Housing Scheme is located on Main G.T Road of Gujranwala between two main Roads i.e. Gujranwala & Hafizabad Raod and Alipur Road. The site of Fazaia Housing Scheme makes it easy to move anywhere within City and out of City as well.

Development Status

Fazaia Housing Scheme development is in process as development of infrastructure on its way including constructions of roads, sewerage, electricity system and construction of Main Gate. Fazaiai Housing Scheme offers Residential Files of different sizes including 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. Fazaia Housing Scheme is in initial development phase, so it is an ideal site for investment in Gujranwala Properties.

Citi Housing Scheme:

Citi Housing Scheme introduced modern way of living to the residents of Gujranwala, the life style features modern community living style. Citi Housing Scheme Gujranwala offers clean and attractive outlook, the monument, green parks, comprehensive security measurements, commercial area and other living amenities makes Citi Housing Scheme Gujranwala perfect for beautiful life style to enjoy with your family.

Citi Housing Scheme Gujranwala Location

Citi Housing Scheme Gujranwala is located on Main G.T Road and is accessible from two sides, from G.T Road and from Upper Chenab Canal. Chan Da Qila is about 3 minutes drive away only.

We’ll update you with more investment opportunities in Gujranwala, stay tuned.

Lenovo’s Superfish Spyware Scandal

Laptop and many of the tech device manufacturers, Lenovo is facing criticism over Superfish adware scandal. The deal with between Superfish (a pre-loaded adware malware) and Lenovo has put the digital life in danger as the Superfish scandal can leak many private things because it helps in hijacking of browser, collecting Bank Information and any data that you want to secure from others. Worst thing is that the Superfish (adware) comes as with brand new Laptops by Lenovo, who remained in the list of top laptop selling brand for 2014 year.

Lenovo’s Superfish Spyware Scandal

What Superfish Does?

Superfish that comes with new Lenovo Laptops has ability to alter search results for you and can show totally different things as well. This is just a start and a threat for your digital life, moreover, the Superfish spyware can cause damage to security of your PC resulting in snooping of browser traffic followed by hacking attack by a spy agent.

No Privacy

The Superfish Spyware can steal the information that you want to secure from any third party and can access communication that’s supposed to confidential for you or your organization. So your emails, banking transactions, instant messages, passwords and other confidential things are no more private as these highly confidential things are now accessible by Superfish Hack.

A famous Security Software maker for F-Secure Timo Hirvonen revealed that the hacker can track users internet traffic and can penetrate PCs which is really really a serious threat to digital users.

How Superfish Works?

A Superfish Spyware has ability to install its root certificate to empowers it with ability to play with HTTPS web services. After accessing HTTPS access, it can do online transactions with out your knowledge, and this is not the limit, the spyware can be use by criminal mind people for which you can held liable.

Mike Shaver who is engineer director at Facebook said at the MTM (Man in the Middle) certificate, he tweets about Superfish that it allows third party to invade into user’s network in order to gain full command and control, further it also leaves your System an open source for security breaches without any problem. His glimpse on the fact via tweets that those who are victims of Superfish can lose their reserves as they will be at risk on visiting their bank’s site, the Superfish will redirect you to a fictitious URL and will take control of all your communication with your bank.

Users’ Reaction

On receiving such a blunder from a manufacturer like Lenovo, people across the globe showed their anxiety and anger by abusing company. USA Government has issued warning and urged Lenovo’s Users to uninstall spyware as soon as possible, while some tech analysts suggest to get rid of Lenovo’s windows and to install the Vanilla Windows which is said to be more reliable.

Lenovo’s Approach on Scandal

The Top Laptop Selling Brand Lenovo has issued an official apology via social media site Twitter, the apology include admitting company’s role and messing up while trying to deliver.

On the other hand, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for Lenovo Mr. Peter Hortensius refused to admit role of Superfish in any security leaks or security threat, rather than he enlightened the design implementation.

Superfish Reaction

CEO for Superfish Adi Pinhas rejected any such news, rather than in a press statement, he refused that the software can’t share, store and access personal and confidential data of users. Adi Pinhas stated that his company is innocent in all this matter and that he has no clue about security risks and giving access to third party add-ons and access to HTTPS web connections.

Mobilink Launches its WiFi Device in Pakistan

Following the footprints of Warid and Zong, Pakistan’s largest cellular network Mobilink has now also introduced its Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi devices. Keep in mind that Mobilink 3G Dongle has already launched by the operator long ago after the 3G/4G spectrum were auctioned in Pakistan back in April, 2014. Now, expanding the range of the next-gen data services availability through mobile broadband devices, Mobilink has put a step forward – to remain a market leader in 3G subscribers as well.

Mobilink Wifi Device

Mobilink Wi-Fi Device Features and Details:

With these newly launched Wi-Fi Devices, Mobilink customers can enjoy 3G internet connectivity on-the-go where 3G coverage is there. Other proficiencies of the Mobilink Wi-Fi Device lets users to create a hotspot in close radius that allows up-to 10 devices to get internet connectivity through this connection. Furthermore, it’s powered by a battery that can last easily for 6 hours upon continuous use.

As Mobilink is expanding its 3G coverage rapidly in various cities of Pakistan that has currently touched the mark of 34 across country – these Wi-Fi and recent 3G dongles will allure more users. These devices can be acquired currently form Mobilink Customer Care Centers and franchises located all over the country.

Device Prices:

Mobilink’s newly launched Wi-Fi device’s price is Rs 3,000 and USB powered Mobilink Dongle, which allows 3G connectivity for only one device at a time, can be acquired in Rs 1,500 only. Important thing to mention here is that these are one-time prices of both devices, but for services, users need to pay additionally.

Internet Tariff Details:

The 3G internet bundles offered presently by Mobilink for Wi-Fi and Dongle customers can be witnessed below. The shown charges are monthly base and data limit is caped, means limited bandwidth allowed for users to consume every month.

  • 1,500 = Data limit of 15 GBs per month
  • 2,000 = Data limit of 25 GBs per month


As Mobilink acquired 10MHZ 3G spectrum in last year’s next-gen data services auction, beating its rivals Telenor and Ufone, it’s expected that Mobilink will offer reliable 3G services to its subscribers in comparison with others. So, now making use of their massive 10MHz spectrum, Mobilink is putting forward mobile broadband services rigidly in Pakistan. This will surely make available better options for Mobilink customers to experience blazing 3G internet connectivity remotely with the leverage to share it with other users too – using Mobilink Wi-Fi aka Mi-Fi devices.

Bio-Metric SIMS Verification in Pakistan – Guidelines and Some Hurdles

Pakistan is an under developed country which is facing so many problems same time including war against terror, law & order, corruption and unemployment on top, the government of Pakistan is taking some brave initiatives to tackle with the issues accordingly however the question is that whether these steps are complying with the set standards or it just yet another formality to go with?

SIMS Verification in Pakistan

Bio Metric SIM Verifications

The current Federal Government of Pakistan makes it mandatory for all Mobile Networks to re-verify their all existing numbers in order to eliminate the use of Mobile SIMs in terrorist activities, robberies and other malpractices.

Last Date for Bio Metric SIM Verification

Government of Pakistan has set 26 February as last date for verification of all existing SIM cards, and it is mandatory for all owners of SIM cards to re-verify their SIM cards else the unverified SIMs will be cancelled.

Here are some guidelines for Bio Metric SIM Verifications:

You need to visit relevant Mobile Operators to verify your SIM cards, i.e. to verify Mobilink SIM, you need to visit Mobilink Franchise, Retailer or proprietor having authority to verify your SIM.

Bring your Original National ID Card or Photocopy, if your ID card is expired or near to expiry date, you need not to worry about as you can still verify your SIM card.

Those people who have gotten their ID cards are issued earlier 2005, they may face difficulties in matching of thumb impressions, so they need to contact nearest NADRA Service Center.

Things you need to know before Bio Metric Verification:

Your Hands should be free from dust or any other chemical as presence of dust can interrupt bio metric verification.

Old age citizen may face some difficulties in verification as their thumb impressions may have changed slightly, they can contact nearest NADRA Service Center to fix that issue.

The verification of thumb impression in NADRA Service Center is absolutely free, however you need to pay prescribed fee to get new ID Card.

You can also call to 051-111-786-100 before going to NADRA Service Center.

Bio Metric SIM Verification Charges

According to industry sources, each Telecom Operator will charge 10 rupees for your every visit to SIM verification, i.e. if you want to verify 2 SIMs of Ufone and 3 SIMs of Telenor, you have to pay 10 rupees to each operator in a single visit, however when I personally visit one of the Mobile Operator Franchise in Lahore, they charged me 10 rupees for each SIM verification and charged 20 rupees for the SIM which is not registered on my name, but I have possession of that SIM for more than a year.

Now this is a big question that one of the Telcos is not following the guidelines, still in this way, SIMs will be verified, but the original owner of SIM can arise the question and can claim the ownership of SIM as well.

So here the Mobile Operators need to review that how things are going on as some franchises, retailers and proprietors are not implementing the policy in its true spirit, this may cause some problems between current SIM holder and Original SIM Owner.

No Tag Option

If you want to give your SIM card to one of your family or friend, you can re-verify your SIM according to Bio Metric Verification method, and can ask the Mobile Operators for No Action Tag, now you can provide your SIM to a trusted person, and no one other than you can change the ownership of your SIM as well.

Columbia University Scientists Invent App to Diagnose HIV

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a killer virus that plays its role in failure of immune system and claims thousands of lives every year across the World. Scientists across the World were on their way to provide people with a cheap and affordable yet reliable and affective diagnostic approach which can provide quick analysis of patients.

Good news for humanity is that Scientists at Colombian University have claimed the invention of a device by a biomedical panel of doctors, the dongle device is plug-able into electronic devices including Smartphone Mobiles and Personal Computers.

Aids Detector

The USA Scientists invented the device that is said to be 540 times cheaper than normal HIV Diagnostic equipments, while the dongle device is capable to return the results within 15 minutes as well.

The scientists have already arranged experiments on the people of Rwanda (Africa) during Pilot Study.

Procedure of HIV Diagnose:

The Dongle Device collects the blood sample via plastic made collector, after blood sampling, the process of diagnosis starts via a push able button that connects the dongle devices with Smartphone.

After blood sampling, the device returns the result within 15 minutes after implying various factors and algorithms.

Physical Appearance:

The Dongle Devices are light enough that anyone can carry in hands easily, the dongle device gets power from Smartphone or Personal computer, so one can use it as a remote device, but make sure that your phone is enough charged to go with.

The further study is in process and Scientists are working on device to make it perfect, while the idea can save millions of humans’ lives by diagnosing within due course of time.

The Associate Professor of that biomedical engineering panel of Columbia University Mr. Samuel Sia said that, the device is a team work, our team has made the device that can arrange quality laboratory tests on their Smartphone.

Further specifications of device and what sort of Smartphone Mobile will be compatible is yet questionable and may reveal in near future.

The Professor said that, the dongle device facilitates a range of people including health care providers to consumers.

The Device is not limited to diagnose only HIV, but it is capable to mark the symptoms of Syphilis infections, the invention may help us to reduce the human death with HIV and Syphilis up to 10 times, and this will indeed be a great achievement in medical history.

During Pilot Study held in Rwanda on 96 people, though the device showed some wrong results, but still the scientists are hopeful to overcome the problems and after eliminating the factors, the device will be presented for commercial usage in open market.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK

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