Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS marketing is the most quick, efficient and affordable form of modern day marketing practice. Also it’s getting popular around the world vigorously including developing countries like Pakistan. The country comprises of 200 million people out of which half the population own a mobile phone. This stat is an absolutely jewel for various kind of business owners and companies to promote their products and services directly by making SMS marketing campaigns. This form of marketing is the most impactful also because of its reach directly on the mobile phones of countless prospective customers. The most appropriate type of text message marketing is Branded SMS marketing.

Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

How Branded SMS Marketing is Useful?

Branded SMS marketing is the most result oriented as well as concerned marketing technique, because it allows marketer to send its desired marketing SMS campaigns by its name. In fact, branded SMS is type of text message marketing in which the service provider permit its marketer client to compose and send bulk SMS to its potential clients mobile numbers as a sender. Using this technique, the marketing company is assigned with the brand name as a sender to be shown as sender on the recipient mobile phone.

This type of SMS campaigns has enormous impact on recipients of these promotional messages, as the receiver in the first instance get to know the brand or company name first – then move towards reading the marketing message. This whole scenario marks robust impact on the mind of recipient of this marketing SMS that for at least some amount of time the person hops to recognize company or brand name. This technique afterwards help in the brands revenue through increase in sale, as most of the people will buy that product or service if it seems lucrative to them.

Therefore, the first and foremost important decision to make for any new marketer, who want to promote its business or products through SMS marketing is to choose branded SMS plan. For the obvious reason cited above that branded SMS will have lot more impact than non-branded SMS marketing send under unknown short code.

So, after making this imperative selection of SMS marketing type then come another significant aspect of crafting a smartly written at the same time logical promotional SMS. It’s important to only type the content, which is obligatory to be mention in that SMS marketing campaign and – avoid writing unnecessary words. This is another important phase in SMS marketing because ultimately the content of the campaign written in the messages are going to be influence the recipients to purchase that certain products or services advice in the marketing SMS.

Thus, following all these straight forwards parameter will formulate a successful SMS marketing campaign. As a result, the marketers will soon witness boost in its revenue after reaching out to hefty number of potential customers – who were not aware of your product or services offered before.


If you own a business or even any other type of brand or company and thinking of promoting it via SMS marketing its important to do it through branded SMS campaign rather than non-branded for better impact. Also, follow other marketing message crafting standards cited above; it will surely amplify your business by alluring customers – who will receive your marketing SMS.

In a nutshell, text message or SMS marketing is the most fruitful and affordable form of digital marketing. And if done by choosing branded SMS marketing style it is bound to make more impact and gain customers attention. So, eventually the prospective buyers will ask for your product the next time they go for shopping. For the reason that they will recognize you product instantly as prevailing one after coming across that you are promoting it via branded SMS marketing too.

Ufone Announces new version of affordable Smart U5a 3G Smartphone

Ufone is Pakistan’s 4th largest telecom operator considering its subscribers base in the country in comparison with other Telco’s. But, Ufone has always tried to remain on top in regard of offering best value added services to its customer just like after officially launching its 3G services in the country last year Ufone anticipating the need of a affordable 3G enabled Smartphone launched its fist ultra cheap 3G supported Smartphone U5. This was a deliberate launch keeping in view hefty masses of the country that will not be able to utilize pioneer 3G services in the country, because of not able to buy costly 3G phones.

affordable Smart U5a 3G Smartphone

After launching inexpensive U5 3G enable Smartphone first time offering moderate overall specs, which were more than enough for an entry level Smartphone user considering its price tag. And now Ufone has announced the availability of upgraded version of last year successor U5 called U5a.

The phone has been adorned with overall upgraded specs and display quality is also been improved drastically, making it another potential hot selling Smartphone – just like first U5 got sold out instantly after release last year.

New Ufone U5a Smartphone Specs Review:

U5a is decked with a quardcore processor and also have backing of 1GB of Ram, which is big improvement from its predecessor U5 that only had 512MB of RAM. Additionally, has a 4.0 inch IPS capacitive touch display with the 480 x 800 pixels resolution. Furthermore, the camera is also vastly improved now having impressive 8MP main and 2MP front facing cameras equipped to furnish satisfactory image quality. The android OS installed in this affordable Smartphone is Android KitKat 4.4 presenting smooth transactions while use to its users.

Furthermore, remaining worth mentioning specs of this newly announced Ufone U5a Smartphone comprises of 4GB internal storage space, Bluetooth, USB, Wifi, HSPA, EDGE, GPRS wireless connectivity proficiencies as well. Although, battery could have been more sufficient just offering 1420 mAh, which is so minimal for a 3G supported Smartphone having IPS display that consumes battery rapidly.


Rs. 6,999 Only


Ufone users who want to purchase this ultra affordable 3G Smartphone can get this from Ufone franchises and Customer Service Centers. Moreover, Ufone is also offering this Smartphone from its newly launched Umall online shopping store.

Ufone Special Offers with U5a:

  • Free Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Line usage for 3 months

500MB of internet for 3 months

Shakeel Arcade Commercial Complex G-13 Islamabad Location and Details

Shakeel Arcade is a dedicated Commercial Complex intended to make available lucrative business opportunities for people in the focal area of capital Islamabad. The project is triggered by S&S Group that has planned this marvelous venture and is being currently developed according to latest real estate trends. The project is approved by CDA (capital Development Authority) Housing Foundation and equipped with latest facilities making project more viable.

Shakeel Arcade Commercial Complex G-13 Islamabad


This ideal commercial project is situated on the most commercially viable location of Islamabad city at Sector G-13/1 Islamabad. Furthermore this particular location is also located in close proximity to life line of Islamabad traffic Kashmir highway. The approach to all significant developments of capital and access to twin city Rawalpindi as well as tourist hub Murree is also hassle free.

The project is particularly placed in the surrounding of lush populace area of Islamabad that will certainly persuade business activities naturally. Keeping this aspect in mind, project has immense scope of growth in internal businesses.

Project Offerings:

The project is currently offering some lucrative commercial properties strictly on first come first serve basis considering its demands. Shakeel Arcade Islamabad is offering fully developed commercial units comprises of 2 shops, and one office space. Furthermore, some other various sizes shops are also available for willing customers.

The development is in its final phase and developers are trying hard to conclude the remaining development work as soon as possible – so that investors can starts their business activates soon after. Additional, significant aspect that investors can acquire instant possession of the Shakeel Arcade Islamabad properties after making prescribed payments that will authorize them to start their commercial dealings instantly.

Salient Features:

  • Ideal Location
  • Approved from CDA
  • 3 Sides Open Location
  • Spacious Car Parking Area
  • Earth Quake resistance construction


This particular project called Shakeel Arcade in Islamabad is certainly immense commercial potentials in coming future by the looks of it – seeing its location and development standard. According to developers the project is furnishing an idyllic opportunity of viable investment alongside instant possession facility. Thus people who want to start any kind of business or establish a small size enterprise and looking for an appropriate space should consider buying properties of Shakeel Arcade G-13 Islamabad.

Zong Daewoo Agreement will provide free Internet on Motorway

The news has recently being reported that an agreement has been signed between countries luxury bus travel operator Daewoo and Zong telecom – for providing free internet on Motorway. A ceremony in regard of this endeavor was staged at Daewoo Lahore terminal, where important dignitaries were invited including Dr Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Other guests included Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong, and Mr C I Park, President Daewoo.

Zong Daewoo Agreement will provide free Internet on Motorway

This particular first of its kind agreement will facilitate Daewoo passenger on Motorway root solely to enjoy blazing fast Zong internet connectivity continuously on the whole Motorway. Since, up till now Zong is the only mobile operator of the country, which is providing 3G coverage on complete Motorway.

Furthermore, the additional good news is that free internet connectivity will be for all Telco’s subscriber not only for Zong customer, so because of this leverage this offer has become a persuading one. Therefore, this perpetual internet connectivity on Motorway will certainly allow Daewoo passengers to remain connected with their family friends and online business proficiencies as well. Also traveler can also utilize this free of cost interne for entertainment purpose, like streaming videos and surfing their social media network profiles.

While addressing the ceremony of this collaboration between Zong and Daewoo Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong said “We at Zong have always been very committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology. We will continue to strive towards making this provision of high quality data a reality, and this current partnership is a step in the same direction”.

President Daewoo Mr C I Park also spoke on this occasion and stated “This partnership is very welcome news for our passengers, as they will now enjoy unlimited connectivity along the motorway”.

On the other hand, special guest of honor Chairman PTA Dr Syed Ismail Shah stated that “Pakistan has an immense potential when it comes to provision of high quality and high speed 3G & 4G data services. Our vision for the future is based on accessibility to these services by all, and Zong’s efforts to provide 3G mobile broadband services deserve applause in this regard”.

Further Development as part of the Agreement:

Additional aspects of the deal suggests that in the coming few days most used Daewoo terminals including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar will be decked with Cm Pak Zong kiosks. This knack will let traveler and visitors on these Daewoo terminals to purchase Zong’s mobile broadband products, Zong mobile SIM’s and will also have zong recharge services.


This is a welcome move in spreading the footprints of next generation mobile data services availability for Daewoo passengers on Motorway. In the next step, we can hope that this free internet services in Daewoo busses will be extended on the other destinations in the country as well, so that travelers of other Daewoo roots can also get this amazing perk of free internet while traveling. Thus this kind of novel agreement will certainly boost ICT ecosystem viability in the country like other developing countries.

Telecom Companies Blocked 26 million Mobile SIMs

Pakistani Mobile Phone Companies has completed the process of Biometric re-verifications of SIMS on the instructions of Federal Government of Pakistan to overcome the law & order and security threats. The durations spanned over a period of 3 months. The telecom companies were given the target to re-verify the 103 Million Mobile SIMs according to biometric method to stop the any misuse. Now on the expiry of extended time period, Mobile Telecom companies have blocked about 26 Million Mobile SIM connections across the Pakistan.

Telecom Anteena

According to Biometric SIM re-verification procedure, the legitimate SIM owners were required to approach the concerned Mobile Operators, Franchise, retailer or outlet with their SIM card and National Identity Card to re-verify his/her identity by matching his/her fingerprint impressions with NADRA’s data base.

Here are some relevant statistics that shows the SIM re-verification figures as follows:

1 and 2 mobile SIMs per CNIC per Mobile Carrier selected were 64 million

3 and more Mobile SIMs per ID Card per Mobile Carrier were 30 million

Overall: Mobile Companies were assigned the re-verification of 103 million Mobile SIM cards in given period.

After 3 months time limit:

71.1 million Mobile SIM Cards verified according to biometric verification procedure against 60 million ID cards.

16.7 million Mobile SIM Cards blocked sue to their owners disowned them.

9.2 million Mobile SIM Cards Blocked as their owners failed to comply with the instruction for re-verification of SIM cards according to biometric method.

Overall, Pakistani Mobile Telecom companies blocked about 26 million Mobile SIM cards. These are general views, as the confirmed and final stats will be available later.

You can get your Blocked Mobile SIM from concerned mobile operator by proving your identity and complying with the procedure. Today, all mobile telecom operators of Pakistan will submit compliance report on Monday.

The sources at PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) told a Pakistani blog that the ranking of Mobile Operators after re-verification of Mobile SIMs remained unchanged, i.e. Mobilink Jazz on top followed by Telenor, Zong Ufone and Warid Telecom.

Here is Operator wise SIM blockage Statistics:

According to unconfirmed and unofficial facts, Telenor has blocked most number of SIMs than any other operator despite the fact that Mobilink Jazz has more number of subscribers. The unofficial sources reported that Telenor has blocked about 8.53 million SIM cards, while Mobilink stand at 2nd spot when it comes to most number of SIM blockage with 7.55 million blocked SIMs.

The re-verification of SIM cards according to biometric procedure resulted in loss of 4.5 million subscribers for Zong Telecom. Ufone Mobile Operator lost 3.86 Mobile SIM cards, while Warid remained at 5th spot in terms of most numbers of SIM blocked with 1.65 million blocked SIMs.

The New picture gives the following impact:

Mobilink is still leading the honor of having most numbers of subscribers with 30.01 million subscribers. Telenor stands at 2nd spot with 28.03 million subscribers. China based Mobile Operator reserved the 3rd spot with 23.52 million subscribers, while Ufone Telecom now has 17.87 million subscribers. Warid Telecom now owns 9.31 million Mobile subscribers in Pakistan.

As a user of SIM that is blocked by your respective Mobile Operator, you still has chance to get back your blocked SIM by re-verifying your identity according to biometric procedure. This time, the telecom operator will charge about 50 to 75 rupees as SIM replacement charges and will issue a new SIM after successful re-verification of your identity. You can avail this opportunity within next 180 days or 6 months, as after that period of time, the respective company has right to put the number for re-sale in open market.

The Overseas Pakistani residents have been given by a extended period of 6 months by authorities as they are allowed to use their SIM for next 6 months, however they have to verify their SIMs within given period of 6 months to avoid any inconvenience.

PTCL EVO CharJi Service Launched in Faisalabad

PTCL ever since its privatization has evolved as the most innovative ICT (Information Communication Technology) entity of Pakistan. PTCL currently has the largest share in broadband customer base in the country as well as offering several value added services too – contiguous with its land line connections.

PTCL Evo Charji Available in Faisalabad

PTCL anticipating the need of affordable internet connectivity in the country has diverted its attention towards broadband from declining land line phone services. And now from the past decade has incorporated millions of broadband customers countrywide, which is the main source of revenue to for PTCL presently.

PTCL not only worked on the expansion of conventional broadband services but has now also introduced next-generation technology for high speed wireless internet connectivity on-the-go. The prime example of this innovative new internet services from PTCL is its EVO CharJi internet devices. PTCL lunched this new cutting-edge internet service in August, 2014. This was a wise strategy to retain its EVO and EVO Wingle customer as well as persuading new ones after the launch of 3G/4G mobile internet services by Telco’s in the country.

The coverage of this ultra high speed wireless internet connectivity up to 36Mbps was available only in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad but now freshly PTCL EVO CharJi Service are also Launched in Faisalabad. A grand launching ceremony of EVO CharJi was also held in Faisalabad, where many important dignitaries was present including Chief Guest Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce President, Engineer Rizwan Ashraf accompanied by PTCL officials for this launch. This initiate of next-generation 4x blazing fast EVO CharJi Service launch in textile hub of the country will certainly help facilitate commercial users as well as home users to remain connected to blistering fast and reliable internet connectivity with PTCL EVO CharJi.

PTCL EVO CharJi Features:

PTCL EVO CharJi provides ultra high-speed internet connectivity up to 36Mbps on-the-move to its customers by plug and play devices to experience fast & responsive internet browsing, downloading, streaming, and uploads wirelessly. To utilize EVO CharJi services PTCL have introduces multiple devices for this knack comprising CharJi Wingle, Huawei CharJi Cloud, CharJi USB, CharJi Cloud A and CharJi Cloud B.

All these devices can be purchased from PTCL one stop Shops and retailers by paying up front charges one time, and then keep using seamless internet by paying cost of the chosen PTCL EVO CharJI package accordingly.

PTCL EVO CharJi Monthly Charges:

  • CharJi Starter provides 20GB data limit with the monthly charges of Rs. 1800
  • CharJi Chrome provides 30GB data limit with the monthly charges of Rs. 2500
  • Charji Gold provides 50GB data limit with the monthly charges of Rs. 4000
  • CharJi Unlimited provides unlimited (FUP 100GB) internet for the whole month at the cost of Rs. 6000


PTCL EVO CharJi is a significant tactical move by PTCL for securing reputable standing in the Pakistan’s internet market after the last year’s next-generation 3G and 4G mobile data services launch. By offering the blazing wireless internet connectivity on-the-go with EVO ChaJi PTCL looks ready to conquer the high-speed date servicers on slough from telecom sector in the country fittingly.

Saima Villas Karachi Location, Sizes and Price Details

Saima Villas is a marvelous elite class gated community developed by renowned name of Karachi city’s real estate market known as – Saima Builder & Developers. A while back it was rushed into real estate market and rapidly its news on all Pakistan real estate news websites went viral. The developer of this project has a long prosperous history of developing state of the art residential and commercial project in Karachi for the past many years now. The successfully launched project by Saima Builder & Developers comprises of Saima Elite Villas, Saima Arbian Villas Extension-1, Saima Twin Tower, Saima Paari Star, Saima Luxury Homes and some others.

Saima Villas Karachi

Location Saima Villas Karachi:

The prescribed location of the Saima Villas Karachi is situated right on the edge of Superhighway adjacent to Al-Habib Restaurant. Some of the other significant developments located in close proximity to Saima Villas Karachi include Malir Cantt, Jinnah Avenue, and Jinnah International Airport is also located at few minutes’ drive away from this viable site of Saima Villas Karachi.

The above mentioned precise location, where exactly this fantastic new housing villas project is positioned is undoubtedly the most lucrative location of Karachi city. Because, from here approach to all major parts of Karachi is trouble free, even developments like Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi is also o few minutes’ drive. For more information visit wall real estate Pakistan.

Properties at Offering:

The properties offered at Saima Villas Karachi currently include 120, 160 & 240 Sq.Yds one unit and single storey executive villas – for its esteemed clients. These all sizes villas are architected keeping in view all contemporary construction standards to furnish world-class living style to its inhabitants. People who want to own a viable state of the art developed apartments in an established at the same time secure place of Karachi – must consider Saima Villas Karachi. Since these skillfully planned and developed apartments has in store all the basic to advance level amnesties for its valued future residents.

Furthermore, as the project has been developed by a reputable veteran builder of Karachi, so the concern of any fraudulent activity is close to none. The developer has pledged to fulfill all its promised features in Saima Villas on time alongside giving possession to its investors as pledged.

Affluent Features:

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Mosque
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Family Parks
  • Children Play Area
  • Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras Security Surveillance


Saima Villas Karachi is a marvelous project for small families wanting to get settle in calm at the same time masterly crafted housing scheme – where all modern facility are available. Furthermore, Saima Villas also fulfilling all the prerequisites required as a foundation for any new real estate project to become a success in future.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Lahore Location and Details

Bismillah Housing Scheme is a gradually getting popular housing project developed by Al-Rehman Developers. The developer embraces a good repute in the real estate sector of Lahore after successfully delivering state of the art project by the name of Al-Rehman Garden Lahore. And now the developer has triggered yet another housing project keeping in view the ever growing residential needs of the middle-class people of Lahore. Project is thoughtfully master planned having provision to develop all basic to advance infrastructure and relevant housing necessities for its future inhabitants.

Bismillah Housing Scheme Lahore


The chosen location for the establishment for Bismillah Housing Scheme is ideal right next to main Lahore city’s densely populated localities. To be precise venture is to be found located on the edge of renowned GT Road in close proximity to Bank stop Manaawan. Batapur area is also located in the surrounding of Bismillah Housing Scheme, some of the other noteworthy developments to be accessed within minutes from this project site comprises of Lahore Ring Road, DHA Lahore Phase 9 and 8, and Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The prime location of the project that is serene at the same time having approach to all parts of the Lahore city for its prospective inhabitants without any hustle is a significant aspect of Bismillah Housing Scheme Lahore Location to consider.

Project Overview and Offering:

Currently the development work internally to the project is taking place at a brisk pace and will be concluded very soon. According to the latest info, the roads network inside the whole area of Bismillah Housing Scheme has been completed. Moreover, some possession holders of the plots are also building their houses and will soon start living peace full life with their families here.

As far as the properties at offering is concern at this viable project comprises of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla and 10 Marla ideal fully developed plots – for its interested investors. Keep in mind that all the properties in Bismillah Housing Scheme Lahore are going to be booked on first come first serve basis.

On the whole, the residential plots and commercial properties of Bismillah Housing Scheme are ideal for people who want to invest as a long time investment gain point of view, as well as for people want to build homes and shift in them in near future too. Since, the project has the potential of becoming the most persuading scheme having competitive prices in comparison with some the other new housing schemes, like LDA City Lahore launched recently.

Affluent Features:

  • Hospital
  • Mosques
  • Boundary Wall
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Security
  • Viable Location
  • Community Center
  • Commercial Zone
  • Parks & Play Ground
  • School and Colleges
  • 40, 60, 80, feet Wide Roads Network

Image Courtesy: Official Bismillah Housing Scheme

Best SMS Packages by Ufone and Telenor

Since the introduction of mobile phone in Pakistan during late 90’s era this gadget persuaded eye balls of numerous people instantly. But the actual penetration of mobile phones in the country started, when several new telecom operators launched their services in Pakistan a decade ago – that’s when general public of Pakistan got introduced to mobile phone for making calls and bartering SMS pioneer. Now there are five main streams Telco’s are operating in the country includes Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, and Warid. The total number of mobile subscriber is over 100 million. Although, the subscriber statistics is being dropped significantly after the SIM’s Biometric re-verification drive being launched by all operators after Govt of Pakistan instructions.

SMS Packages by Ufone and Telenor

Mobile phone productivity has been utilized perfectly by millions of domestic subscriber most vigorously used feature of mobile phones is SMS. The addiction of text messaging in Pakistan can be assumed from a report made public few years back, which ranked Pakistan #4 country of the world in regard of SMS usage worldwide.

Furthermore, the total SMS exchanged in Pakistan has also touched the gigantic figure of 3 Billion in a single year. This happened when there are lots of different ways to do messaging are available like sending free SMS to Pakistan on any network through websites – as well as utilizing free instant messaging smartphone apps.

Here at this point in time we will let you know about best SMS bundles details of Ufone and Telenor mobile networks in Pakistan – to choose the best suited one for you to subscribe.

Ufone SMS Packages:

Ufone is the most lucrative mobile network of Pakistan as far as SMS packages is concern, furnishing cheapest SMS bundles for every type of user.

Daily Package:

  • Charges = Rs 3.99 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 605
  • SMS Limit = 1500
  • Validity = 24Hrs

Daily On-net SMS Package:

  • Charges = Rs 2 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 611
  • SMS Limit = 500
  • Validity = 24Hrs

Ufone Night Package:

  • Charges = Rs 1 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 609
  • SMS Limit = 300
  • Validity = 8 Hrs (12 am to 8 am)

Ufone Fortnightly Package:

  • Charges = Rs 30 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 603
  • SMS Limit = 10000
  • Validity = 14 Days

Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package:

  • Charges = Rs 80 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 607
  • SMS Limit = 20000
  • Validity = 30 Days

Ufone Yearly SMS Package:

  • Charges = Rs 666 + tax
  • For Subscription SMS ‘sub’ to 601
  • SMS Limit = Unlimited
  • Validity = 1 Year

Telenor SMS Packages:

Telenor encompass the second most number of mobile subscribers in Pakistan, offering lucrative SMS Bundles as following.

Daily Bundle:

  • Charges = Rs 3.5 + tax
  • For Subscription Dial *345*116#
  • SMS Limit = 150
  • Validity = 1 Days

5 Day Bundle:

  • Charges = Rs 6 + tax
  • For Subscription Dial *345*015# or By Dialing 555
  • SMS Limit = 300
  • Validity = 5 Days

Weekly Bundle:

  • Charges = Rs 12 + tax
  • For Subscription Dial *345*117#
  • SMS Limit = 800
  • Validity = 7 Days

15 Day Economy Bundle:

  • Charges = Rs 12 + tax
  • For Subscription Dial *345*112# or By Dialing 555
  • SMS Limit = 600
  • Validity = 15 Days

15 Day Value Bundle:

  • Charges = Rs 32 + tax
  • For Subscription Dial *345*005# or By Dialing 555
  • SMS Limit = 1500
  • Validity = 15 Days

Citi Housing Faisalabad plots Booking Opened

To overcome the growing needs of Faisalabad City, Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad has started Plots Booking after official inauguration of Residential Housing Project. Malik Riaz of Bahria Town Pakistan lay down the foundation stone of Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad.

Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad promises a prosperous and flourishing life style in Faisalabad which is known as Manchester City of Pakistan. Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad offers developed residential plots including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal, so you can choose Citi Housing Faisalabad Plot(s) according to your family needs and requirements.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Plots Booking:

Citi Housing Faisalabad Plots Booking will start from 25th March 2015. The Plots attract people due to its lavish and luxurious life style. The premium and unique life style include secure environment by patrolling of trained guards, eye catching development and modern infrastructure style, natural and beautiful look via green belts, plantation and monuments.

Commercial shops, health facilities are other key facilities of Citi Housing Faisalabad. All these things of Citi Housing Faisalabad make the site attractive to enjoy your life with your family members.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Plot Booking Process:

Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad accepts applications for the Booking of Plot(s) in Citi Housing Faisalabad via prescribed booking or registration form. Only genuine Registration Form holders of Citi Housing Faisalabad are eligible for booking of plots.

Security Measurements in Registration Forms:

In order to avoid any problem in terms of Registration Forms, Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad authorities issued randomly generated computerized registration forms. To ensure that no one can claim to have same registration form, the authorities have attached all registration forms with a 10 rupee currency note. Only those registration forms will be accepted that will match the both registration form number and currency note number with record of Citi Housing Faisalabad.

Citi Housing Faisalabad is Suitable for Investment:

Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad is a new and recent addition in Faisalabad Real Estate Zone. The site of Citi Housing Faisalabad is close to Faisalabad Industrial Zone and Faisalabad Motorway Interchange. These are the big factors that are of worth value. With standard modern infrastructure and availability of all living amenities, Citi Housing Faisalabad is not only a favorable real estate site for investment but it has also attracted people from across Punjab for its standardized work in previous project. Citi Housing Faisalabad is an ideal investment opportunity for those who want to invest in a safe, secure project and to cash their investment or to build their dream home in society.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Payment Plan:

Citi Housing Faisalabad offers a convenient payment plan that spans over a period of 3 years. That payment plan makes it easy for businessmen and salaried person to invest in the project.

Via: ABNAmro Blog

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