How a Website Helped Me to Contact My Family, When I Went Abroad for Studies:

My name is Adnan, I belong from Lahore, Pakistan. Here I am sharing my personal experience regarding an internet base website that helped me to get in touch with my family a few years back, when I went for higher studies outside Pakistan. After completing my graduation from Punjab University Lahore, I applied for MBA in LSE (London School of Economics), I was lucky enough to get admission in that privileged institute in the UK. I applied for a study visa after my admission and got it in a few weeks thanks to my higher bands in IELTS and my visa interview was also good.


study abroad


So, in the summer of 2013 I flew to the UK for my higher studies in the prestigious London School of Economics. As I heard a lot of things before reaching and myself experience life in the UK especially in its capital London. Initially I struggled to get used to life routine there and one thing that people told me before was absolutely spot on that it’s very costly to live in a city like London. You have to pay heavily for your accommodation even if it is shared with someone; food is also not that cheap you have to spend substantial money on these necessities of life to survive in London. Furthermore, one more thing that cost me a lot was making phone calls and sending SMS to my family back home in Pakistan. I use to spend a sizeable of my savings on making phone calls and text messages to my family and friends.


Then one day one of my colleague who was also from Pakistan told me one about a website available over the internet for anyone to access and send free SMS in Pakistan. I could not believe initially after coming to know about this sort of free web service that permit its user to send SMS to mobile number in Pakistan. That day as soon as I went home after classes and my job hours I turned on my computer and open that website about which my colleague told me and while surfing I came to know that you just need to register once with a valid mobile number working in Pakistan and that’s it. Afterwards, you can log in to this website and keep on sending free of charge, unlimited SMS to any network mobile number in Pakistan Isn’t amazing to a service like this online.

Wrapping Up:

After that day I was relieved, as far as the communication with my family and friends was concerned. As I use to send lots of free SMS directly to my desired mobile number in Pakistan and even receive replies too from the recipients of those free SMS’s. This helped me in saving sizeable money, which I then used to live a comfortable life during the course of my studies in UK. Furthermore, it aids me psychologically as well as was felt comforted every time I use to make contact with my family and friends to share things which I wanted to using this free SMS sending website.

WhatsApp Usage for Fun and Entertainment

Amongst 800 million plus WhatsApp registered users a hefty chunk makes use of WhatsApp for having a good time while chatting with other users. But, this is not the case, obviously plenty of other users only utilizes WhatsApp whenever they want to chit chat with someone on some meaningful matter. However, most number of WhatsApp users enjoy its features for some candid stuff sharing with their family and friends.


Therefore, now days we see that the trend of sharing funny images and video clips of short format is in large quantity. WhatsApp user’s exchanges small size WhatsApp funny clips with one another and enjoy laughing while watching. This has become a prime source of making someone laugh by sharing a hilarious image or video. Moreover, even comical status messages of the platform are also getting popular amongst users and they can be obtained from sites like Pingzic blog to get latest funny Whatsapp status messages.

So, WhatsApp apart from furnishing a medium of remaining connected with people you care for have also become a platform for Fun and Entertainment activities. That’s why now there are countless funny WhatsApp video clips are accessible over the internet to be downloaded and later sharing with other contacts. Furthermore, not only videos, but the abundance of comic images are also available, which are shared everyday by millions of users with each others.

The main source of the providing this funny content for WhatsApp user is the internet, and there are numerous websites, making them available. Also abundance of data is being added to the already available one every day for WhatsApp users to be shared as a laughing stock. Moreover, users himself make funny clips and click funny images and share them with their contact circle for providing them something to laugh about in current ages stressful world.

So, make use of WhatsApp of making the other laugh rather than sharing pensive content, since there is already much of it around. This will be a blissful endeavor for making other WhatsApp users happy by sharing funny and amusing various genres of data with them. Also, this sharing has been made amazingly easy by modern Smartphone’s, which allows supported files to be shred directly from where they are stored. Icing on the cake is that WhatsApp encompass such easy to use UI that can easily be made use for sharing various types of files with others by even a lay man.

Thus WhatsApp provides you easy source to send and receive Fun and Entertainment content with your desired contacts effortlessly.

Zong 4G MiFi Comes with 200 GB Data Volume

Good news for Pakistani telecom subscribers is that China based mobile operator Zong Telecom has announced its 4G MiFi device that offers convenient and seamless connectivity with huge Data Volume. Yes indeed its good news for telecom users after the New Tax Imposition on Telecom Subscribers by government of Punjab. At present, Zong is offering Zong 4G MiFi to the residents of Karachi only with plan to introduce the same in other 4G Covered Cities later.

Zong 4G MiFi Devices Price:Zong 4G MiFi

The Zong MiFi device is priced at rupees 2500, while the devices offer mind blowing speedupto 150 Mbps which will enthrall the telecom users of Pakistan. The China based company stated that the price of device is affordable keeping in view the purchasing capacity of public.

The devices is capable of rendering its services in 10 meters range area, while option of LTE/3G/2G fallback. The device also allows multiple connectivity same time including 10 devices.

Package Plan:

Zong 4G Mifi Data Package Plan starts include various options to comply with data requirements of different classes. The device offers 10 GB data volume with 800 monthly package, while 200 GB volume is available for 6000 rupees monthly.

Here are the monthly packages for Zong 4G MiFi:

Data Volume Bundle Price in Rupees Validity
10 GB 800 1 Month
24 GB 1500 1 Month
50 GB 2000 1 Month
100 GB 3800 1 Month
150 GB 5000 1 Month
200 GB 6000 1 Month


Apart from monthly packages for Zong 4G MiFi Device, Zong telecom also offers three month packages for Zong 4G MiFi users, which offers discounted rates to subscribers.

Data Volume Bundle Price in Rupees Validity
10 GB per month 2300 3 Months
24 GB per month 4000 3 Months


The subscribers of Zong 4G MiFi device can also use add ons to increase their data volume as per their requirements. The 2 GB data bundle as add on is priced for 250 rupees, while the 50 GB data bundle is priced for 450 rupees.

Zong Telecom is Pakistan’s first 4G Mobile operators, the mobile operator offers a vast range of 3G and 4G products including 3G dongle, 3G wingle, and now the most recent new launch of Zong 4G MiFi.

At the launching ceremony, the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) for Zong Pakistan Mr. Babar Bajwa stated that, “As the only 3G & 4G mobile operator in the country, the uniqueness of Zong lies in its exceptional data speed. We are very committed to providing our customers with the best data experience, and this device is yet another addition to Zong’s achievements.”

Zong is preparing to launch the 4G MiFi across Pakistan to increase its customers.

PTCL Offering Double Monthly Volume for Wingle and Chaarji Customers

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is offering double internet volume than default for the remaining month of 2015 – that to with no extra charges applied. This offers is valid for all existing and new EVO Wingle 9.3 and Chaarji Customers making use of these wireless internet devices from anywhere in the country.



It’s undoubtedly a persuading promotion being presented by PTCL, who is trying to enhance its wireless internet portfolio in the country. At present, the PTCL EVO wireless internet different devices offering high speed on-the-go connectivity in 250 cities and towns of the country, with coverage expansion to small towns is also taking place vigorously.

So, for availing this offer customer will have to visit their nearest PTCL OSS or retailer to subscribe to this promotion accordingly.

Offer Particulars:

Package Monthly Charges Default Volume Promo Volume
Wingle 20 GB Rs. 1,500 20 GB 40 GB*
Wingle 35 GB Rs. 2,500 35 GB 70 GB*
Wingle 50 GB Rs. 3,500 50 GB 100 GB*
Wingle Unlimited Rs. 4,500 100 GB 200 GB*
CharJi Starter Rs. 1,800 20 GB 40 GB**
CharJi Chrome Rs. 2,500 30 GB 60 GB”
CharJi Gold Rs. 4,000 50 GB 100 GB’
CharJi Unlimited Rs. 6,000 100 GB 200 GB’


This double volume for the above cited plans are valid till 31st December, 2015.

Terms & Conditions:

  • It’s a Limited time offer
  • Offer is valid for package conversions also
  • Both Prepay and Postpay Customer Can Subscribe to this Offer
  • Double volumes promo is applicable till the end of the year 2015
  • Promotion is legitimate for all new & existing 3G EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO Customers
  • Quantity will be reduced to default volumes of 3G EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO packages automatically after expiration of validity period.


Unquestionably, It’s a mouth watering double volume promotion for internet addicts and people, who uses internet excessively with massive downloads. For the reason that offer is enabling 3G EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO Customers to make use of double than default internet assigned volume during the coming months of 2015 – without paying any extra charges. It’s absolutely a lucrative offer being introduced by PTCL with the intention of tempting more & more customers to their wireless internet network, at the same time furnishing double internet volume to its existing customer as a reward for their devotion for PTCL services.

Wireless Carriers to emerge as next mobile payment provider

Money is the most important thing for us in lieu of services, things and commodities. Humans started exchanging of goods via barter exchange, however the invention of money in form of coins, precious stones, swards and other precious things. However it was paper money which really helped humans to develop their economies. Now once again, the economy of world is going through changes. Invention of different sort of money including plastic money (debit and credit cards), bitcoin (digital method invented by Satoshi Nakamoto) money and others is changing the way. Another sort of money which is in use to pay the dues is wireless money offer by Wireless Carriers to their clients.

Solution for App Developers:

Famous Online Payment Provider

App Developers are looking for convenient way to get paid for their content, apps and in-app purchases. Further the App Developers also looking for payment solutions for people who haven’t access to debit and credit cards.

Carrier Billing:

Carrier billing allows people from any part of world to purchase whatever they like and want to read and use according to their needs. People can add the cost of content or service to their carrier billing system which is either pre paid or post paid. The concept of adding the cost of services or content directly to their mobile billings is getting attention as the people having access to mobile (feature or smart) can purchase items, content or services and/or can gift to others by referring them.

The concept is similar like using the on demand television programs, movies, shows or any other audio or video content by adding the price to your monthly cable billing system.

Earlier the users of simple phones with some basic features were the first one to use the carrier billing system, i.e. purchasing ring tones, wallpapers, multimedia content and others. The system was working fine for mobile devices of earlier stages, however the updated carrier billing system is suitable for Smartphone mobile age.

Still the high charges by mobile companies are big hurdle for app developers as they lose a big portion of their earnings for paying charges to wireless carriers.

Wireless Carriers can earn huge margins in potential regions like India where millions of people are transferring from simple phone services to smart phone services. According to “Business Insider”, carrier billings accounted for $3 billion in mobile transactions.

Zong Launched Samsung Galaxy J1 Affordable 4G Smartphone in Pakistan

Zong the CM Pak subsidiary in Pakistan, which is also countries third largest telecom operator as far as the mobile subscribers is concern. Zong is also known for its customer centric value added offerings since its launch and at present is Pakistan’s first and only 3G+4G network.

Zong Launched Samsung Galaxy J1

And now keeping this tradition alive of introducing lucrative offers for its customers Zong has now collaborated with Samsung to offer an entry level Smartphone called Samsung Galaxy J1. The important thing to keep in view that it’s a 4G enabled handset – offering moderate specs in affordable price.

Although this particular model was launched some time back around the world, but now Zong has officially launched it in collaboration with Samsung in Pakistan and also offering some extra perks as well on time of its purchase to customers.

Samsung Galaxy J1 can be purchased with special offer from Zong Customer Care Centers and Samsung outlets across the country. Zong is offering exclusive internet bundles with this phone involving 1GB of internet data for Rs. 250 to 30GB for just Rs.3500 only. Also on the time of buying from Zong and Samsung stores through this offer Galaxy J1 will also provide its users 2000 free minutes and 2000 free SMS every month – till coming six months from the time of its purchase.

Specs Review:

The phone has a 4.3 TFT Screen offering resolution of 480 x 800 with having 217 ppi pixel density, furnishing reasonably good display with modest viewing angels. As far as the underneath hardware specs are concern, Galaxy J1 is equipped with 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor supported by 768 MB RAM. The processor seems tolerable, but the only 768 MB of RAM will make the phone functioning leggy and would also not able to run high graphics games. But as the phone is tagged as an entry level affordable one this kind of deficiencies are essential to come across.

Samsung Galaxy J1 offers 4GB of built-in storage capacity alongside microSD card support up to 128 GB for hefty data storage. Talking about its camera capability phone is adorned with 5MP main camera that is potent enough to capture images up to 2592 х 1944 pixels with autofocus and LED flash. The front facing secondary camera is of 2MP knack that can be made use for video calling as well as occasional selfies too.

Furthermore, other significant feature of Galaxy J1 comprises of Optional Dual SIM capability with dual standby. The battery decked in this particular 4G version is of Li-Ion 1850 mAh capacity that is not massive – but can last for whole day upon moderate use. Moreover, phone also has FM radio, micro USB as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth proficiencies.

And lastly the phone is running through Android OS 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box and on top has trade mark Touch Wiz from Samsung – making phone operation vibrant. Phone is available in Blue and White variants for prospective customer to choose from.

Price: Rs. 16,500

Ufone To Limit Mega internet Offer Volume

Ufone Telecom offers Mega Internet Offer which empowers users with 50 GB of Data with blazing 3G speed to enjoy. Mega Internet Offer is valid for same day, however the offer will be subscribed automatically if you have sufficient balance. Ufone Mega Interne Offer empowers subscriber to download 50 GB data or can surf internet, can use social sites or can download up to 50 GB volume limit. You can purchase the offer for just as low as 6 rupees.

Ufone Mega internet Offer

The rate of Ufone Mega Internet Offer is lowest and is very unique due to its price tag and volume being offered. The Ufone Mega Internet Offer is comparable at Pakistan Level with any of the Internet Service Provider, i.e. PTCL or any of the private Internet Service Provider including Wateen, Wi-Tribe or any other third party. Most of the private service providers offer a certain volume limit i.e. 10 to 20 GB for their basic package with validity of entire month. On the other hand, Ufone Telecom offers 50 GB volume bundle for as low as 6 rupees.

Limited Volume:

Ufone Telecom has decided to reduce the volume of Mega Internet Offer. The mobile telecom company has advertised in news paper as well on their web portal in news bar to reduce the volume limit of Mega Internet Offer.

New Volume Limit:

Ufone Telecom will offer 5 GB of Internet Volume for its Mega Internet Offer from 14th May 2015. The Ufone Mega Internet Offer enables both 2G and 3G subscribers to enjoy 50 GB volume, however from 14th May 2015, the subscribers can avail 5 GB volume.

Extra Usages:

Those subscribers who will use their 5 GB volume limit from 14 May will have to pay as per their default internet charges. The Ufone Default internet charges are 20 rupees for first MB, while the user will get 19 MBs for free for rest of day. On usage of 21st MB, user will charge for that MB, i.e. 20 rupees.

Ufone Daily Internet Buckets:

Currently, Ufone Telecom is offering 4 types of daily internet buckets including:

Daily Light Bucket:

The bucket is available for 10 rupees with 40 MBs and a validity of 24 hours. Dial *804# to subscribe the bucket and UNSUB to 8804 to unsubscribe the bucket.

Daily Heavy Bucket:

Daily Heavy Bucket offers 75 MB Internet Volume for 15 rupees with a validity of 24 hours. Dial *8042# to subscribe the bucket and UNSUB to 4804 to unsubscribe the bucket.

Special Daily Bucket:

Special Daily Internet Bucket by Ufone offers 50 MB internet volume for 5 rupees. The bucket is valid from 1 AM to 9 PM. Dial *810# to subscribe the bucket and UNSUB to 7810 unsubscribe the bucket.

Mega Internet Bucket:

Ufone Mega Internet Bucket is currently offers 50 GB internet volume for as low as 6 rupees. Dial *550# to subscribe the bucket and dial #5501# to unsubscribe the bucket, however from 14 May 2015, Ufone will offer only 5 GB volume.

Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS marketing is the most quick, efficient and affordable form of modern day marketing practice. Also it’s getting popular around the world vigorously including developing countries like Pakistan. The country comprises of 200 million people out of which half the population own a mobile phone. This stat is an absolutely jewel for various kind of business owners and companies to promote their products and services directly by making SMS marketing campaigns. This form of marketing is the most impactful also because of its reach directly on the mobile phones of countless prospective customers. The most appropriate type of text message marketing is Branded SMS marketing.

Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

How Branded SMS Marketing is Useful?

Branded SMS marketing is the most result oriented as well as concerned marketing technique, because it allows marketer to send its desired marketing SMS campaigns by its name. In fact, branded SMS is type of text message marketing in which the service provider permit its marketer client to compose and send bulk SMS to its potential clients mobile numbers as a sender. Using this technique, the marketing company is assigned with the brand name as a sender to be shown as sender on the recipient mobile phone.

This type of SMS campaigns has enormous impact on recipients of these promotional messages, as the receiver in the first instance get to know the brand or company name first – then move towards reading the marketing message. This whole scenario marks robust impact on the mind of recipient of this marketing SMS that for at least some amount of time the person hops to recognize company or brand name. This technique afterwards help in the brands revenue through increase in sale, as most of the people will buy that product or service if it seems lucrative to them.

Therefore, the first and foremost important decision to make for any new marketer, who want to promote its business or products through SMS marketing is to choose branded SMS plan. For the obvious reason cited above that branded SMS will have lot more impact than non-branded SMS marketing send under unknown short code.

So, after making this imperative selection of SMS marketing type then come another significant aspect of crafting a smartly written at the same time logical promotional SMS. It’s important to only type the content, which is obligatory to be mention in that SMS marketing campaign and – avoid writing unnecessary words. This is another important phase in SMS marketing because ultimately the content of the campaign written in the messages are going to be influence the recipients to purchase that certain products or services advice in the marketing SMS.

Thus, following all these straight forwards parameter will formulate a successful SMS marketing campaign. As a result, the marketers will soon witness boost in its revenue after reaching out to hefty number of potential customers – who were not aware of your product or services offered before.


If you own a business or even any other type of brand or company and thinking of promoting it via SMS marketing its important to do it through branded SMS campaign rather than non-branded for better impact. Also, follow other marketing message crafting standards cited above; it will surely amplify your business by alluring customers – who will receive your marketing SMS.

In a nutshell, text message or SMS marketing is the most fruitful and affordable form of digital marketing. And if done by choosing branded SMS marketing style it is bound to make more impact and gain customers attention. So, eventually the prospective buyers will ask for your product the next time they go for shopping. For the reason that they will recognize you product instantly as prevailing one after coming across that you are promoting it via branded SMS marketing too.

Ufone Announces new version of affordable Smart U5a 3G Smartphone

Ufone is Pakistan’s 4th largest telecom operator considering its subscribers base in the country in comparison with other Telco’s. But, Ufone has always tried to remain on top in regard of offering best value added services to its customer just like after officially launching its 3G services in the country last year Ufone anticipating the need of a affordable 3G enabled Smartphone launched its fist ultra cheap 3G supported Smartphone U5. This was a deliberate launch keeping in view hefty masses of the country that will not be able to utilize pioneer 3G services in the country, because of not able to buy costly 3G phones.

affordable Smart U5a 3G Smartphone

After launching inexpensive U5 3G enable Smartphone first time offering moderate overall specs, which were more than enough for an entry level Smartphone user considering its price tag. And now Ufone has announced the availability of upgraded version of last year successor U5 called U5a.

The phone has been adorned with overall upgraded specs and display quality is also been improved drastically, making it another potential hot selling Smartphone – just like first U5 got sold out instantly after release last year.

New Ufone U5a Smartphone Specs Review:

U5a is decked with a quardcore processor and also have backing of 1GB of Ram, which is big improvement from its predecessor U5 that only had 512MB of RAM. Additionally, has a 4.0 inch IPS capacitive touch display with the 480 x 800 pixels resolution. Furthermore, the camera is also vastly improved now having impressive 8MP main and 2MP front facing cameras equipped to furnish satisfactory image quality. The android OS installed in this affordable Smartphone is Android KitKat 4.4 presenting smooth transactions while use to its users.

Furthermore, remaining worth mentioning specs of this newly announced Ufone U5a Smartphone comprises of 4GB internal storage space, Bluetooth, USB, Wifi, HSPA, EDGE, GPRS wireless connectivity proficiencies as well. Although, battery could have been more sufficient just offering 1420 mAh, which is so minimal for a 3G supported Smartphone having IPS display that consumes battery rapidly.


Rs. 6,999 Only


Ufone users who want to purchase this ultra affordable 3G Smartphone can get this from Ufone franchises and Customer Service Centers. Moreover, Ufone is also offering this Smartphone from its newly launched Umall online shopping store.

Ufone Special Offers with U5a:

  • Free Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Line usage for 3 months

500MB of internet for 3 months

Zong Daewoo Agreement will provide free Internet on Motorway

The news has recently being reported that an agreement has been signed between countries luxury bus travel operator Daewoo and Zong telecom – for providing free internet on Motorway. A ceremony in regard of this endeavor was staged at Daewoo Lahore terminal, where important dignitaries were invited including Dr Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Other guests included Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong, and Mr C I Park, President Daewoo.

Zong Daewoo Agreement will provide free Internet on Motorway

This particular first of its kind agreement will facilitate Daewoo passenger on Motorway root solely to enjoy blazing fast Zong internet connectivity continuously on the whole Motorway. Since, up till now Zong is the only mobile operator of the country, which is providing 3G coverage on complete Motorway.

Furthermore, the additional good news is that free internet connectivity will be for all Telco’s subscriber not only for Zong customer, so because of this leverage this offer has become a persuading one. Therefore, this perpetual internet connectivity on Motorway will certainly allow Daewoo passengers to remain connected with their family friends and online business proficiencies as well. Also traveler can also utilize this free of cost interne for entertainment purpose, like streaming videos and surfing their social media network profiles.

While addressing the ceremony of this collaboration between Zong and Daewoo Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong said “We at Zong have always been very committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology. We will continue to strive towards making this provision of high quality data a reality, and this current partnership is a step in the same direction”.

President Daewoo Mr C I Park also spoke on this occasion and stated “This partnership is very welcome news for our passengers, as they will now enjoy unlimited connectivity along the motorway”.

On the other hand, special guest of honor Chairman PTA Dr Syed Ismail Shah stated that “Pakistan has an immense potential when it comes to provision of high quality and high speed 3G & 4G data services. Our vision for the future is based on accessibility to these services by all, and Zong’s efforts to provide 3G mobile broadband services deserve applause in this regard”.

Further Development as part of the Agreement:

Additional aspects of the deal suggests that in the coming few days most used Daewoo terminals including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar will be decked with Cm Pak Zong kiosks. This knack will let traveler and visitors on these Daewoo terminals to purchase Zong’s mobile broadband products, Zong mobile SIM’s and will also have zong recharge services.


This is a welcome move in spreading the footprints of next generation mobile data services availability for Daewoo passengers on Motorway. In the next step, we can hope that this free internet services in Daewoo busses will be extended on the other destinations in the country as well, so that travelers of other Daewoo roots can also get this amazing perk of free internet while traveling. Thus this kind of novel agreement will certainly boost ICT ecosystem viability in the country like other developing countries.

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