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Jazz daily, weekly and monthly WhatsApp offers
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Jazz WhatsApp Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp among people, Jazz offers multiple WhatsApp packages for its users. These offers are available for a variable time duration. Moreover, you can use the resources to visit some other popular social platforms. Here, I have discussed Jazz WhatsApp packages for 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Also check: …

Jazz daily, weekly, monthly SMS plans
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Jazz SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz is renowned for offering unmatched wireless telecom services to Pakistan. The users can avail of a variety of call plans, internet, and SMS plans. It offers high-quality and uninterrupted wireless telecom services. That’s why; the users reply to it as compared to other wireless telecom service providers. Here, I have discussed all the SMS …

Jazz daily, weekly and monthly internet offers
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Jazz Internet Offers: Daily, Weekly & Monthly for Postpaid & Prepaid

Internet is a vital source for everyone to keep in touch with his near and dear ones. It has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Jazz offers a wide range of internet plans for such users who want it desperately in their routine life. Here, I have discussed all daily, weekly, and monthly internet …

Difference between branded and non-branded SMS

Difference Between Branded VS Non-Branded SMS: Where to Use Them

SMS marketing can do a lot for the growth of small as well as the large businesses more than any other way. A large number of people can be targeted very easily and effectively by sending updates, information and offers on a daily basis. The people will get acquainted with your business strategies and become …

Telenor Call Offers for Postpaid and Prepaid
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Telenor Call Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly [Prepaid & Postpaid]

Calling is the most convenient way to communicate with a person living at a distance. Somethings seem ambiguous on SMS and you cannot properly understand them. However, calling the relevant person via your mobile can remove the confusion. It is the best way to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. Being a …

Telenor and Djuice SMS Packages
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Telenor Daily, Weekly & Monthly SMS Packages [Postpaid & Prepaid]

Do you love chatting with friends? If yes, you will be surely looking for an affordable SMS package. Being a Telenor user, you have a wide range of choices for SMS Packages on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Telenor brings a variety of SMS packages for its valued users. I have divided these packages …